Saturday, April 17, 2010

Real Time Tim

1:25 pm - Tim's first strike out opens the bottom of the first in Smogville. He should probably be up one run but Velez was called out. It looked close and it sure was a risky play. MOC thought it was the wrong one but I'm not so sure.
1:32 pm - Strike out #2 ends the first. SF 0 LA 0
1:41 pm - Tim drives in the first run of the game with sweet infield single bunt!!! The best part of was that I called it !! No kidding, I have two witnesses. And when I say called it, I mean I said "a hard bunt right at the second baseman." It was awesome. Probably one of my best moments of prognostication EVER.
1:54 pm - Three quick easy outs to end the second. SF 1 LA 0
2:00 pm - A lovely error by some dude named Carroll allows a weak grounder by DeRosa to drive in the second Giants run.
2:05 pm - Tim delivers a crushed 2 RBI single !!! What a stud. It was a solid swing that led to a no doubt line drive that almost got through for a double. That's a four run lead, which tends to be insurmountable (29-0) when you are facing Tim. A wild pitch a couple minutes later makes it: SF 5 LA 0
2:17 pm - Strikeout #3 for Lincecum but it is quickly followed by the first hit by the doggers, a grounder by Carroll through the middle. Loney clubs a solid single to left to make the first threat. Before I could finish typing the last sentence, Tim neutralized the powerful Ethier by inducing a WEAK popup. End of 3: SF 5 LA 0
2:31 pm - Run # 6 scores on bloop single (really an Ethier error) by Bengie. The lovefest continues with a seventh run on an Uribe sac fly. End of 4: SF 7 LA 0
2:37 pm - Kemp becomes Tim's fourth victim after four offspeed pitches. The Fox gun seems low but Tim's velocity is solid (90-92) according to Gameday .
2:40 pm - Anderson follows as strikeout #5
2:44 pm - Tim gets his third hit of the day but a couple minutes later he gets erased by some really poor baserunning. I bet the first thing out of his mouth after this game is berating himself for a bonehead play...even though he's currently thrown 4 shutout innings and is 3 for 3 with 3 RBI's. Middle of 5: SF 7 LA 0
2:57 pm - According to Fox TV, Tim just gave up his first leadoff hit of an inning this year. The next guy walks and Tim is in trouble again.
3:03 pm - Strikeout #6 and #7 couldn't come at a better time. Can he do this at will?
3:06 pm - Loney grounds out weakly to end the fifth: SF 7 LA 0
3:17 pm - Tim uncorks one to the screen. You don't see that from Tim often. No worry, Ethier grounds out.
3:19 pm - Kemp beats out an infield hit. It looked like Renteria's throw was there - no replay!!
3:21 pm - Tim challenges Anderson with a fastball and gets a line drive out to left. Tim is around 100 pitches now and due up early next half inning. Could be his last batter.
3:24 pm - Out number 18 is line drive out to center. Tim has given up four singles and two walks. End of sixth: SF 7 LA 0
3:28 pm - Tim's fourth at bat is a bit of a surprise and a dud. Weak strikeout. Still it is Tim's first ever multi-hit and multi-RBI game ever. Way to be, Timmeh!!
3:30 pm - Velez clubs a big double to score Nate (a huge walk!) and then scores on Edgar's sac fly. Middle of the seventh: SF 9 LA ZERO !!!
3:33 pm - Tim starts getting pats on the back. Looks like he is coming out. I guess he was just left in to see if he could get his fourth hit. How cool is that? Yep, he's hanging from the dugout roof...that's a sure sign that he's done.

Tim's line: 6 innings, 104 pitches (66 strikes), seven strikeouts, 4 hits (all singles), 2 walks


M.C. O'Connor said...

Team shutout number three! Tim was awesome, with the ball and the bat.

Nice to see Nate Schierholtz get a walk and a hit--two runs scored. Velez was impressive--I know he did this last year over a short stretch, too. Maybe this year he can keep it going. Huff has 7 walks in 11 games, 2 of the team's 7 today.

We've scored 17 runs in LA. I would have been happy with that for all three games! Hell, let's score 10 tomorrow!

Big win. Beautiful day.

Go Giants!

Anonymous said...

"2:17 pm - Strikeout #3 for Licecum" should be fixed before Bovice sees it but nice play-by-play. I wish I wasn't away from my computer today. Oh well. I bet that it looked like a beautiful raping of the Dodgass from the start. Oh well. I'm just happy that we won. Go Giants!

Zo said...

Fine chronicalization, JP. Apparently, the Giants can solve a knuckleballer. Why Schierholtz didn't bat a bit higher in the order was kind of a mystery, don't you want someone with plate discipline against a guy like that? No matter, though.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Ubaldo Jimenez no-hit the Braves today.

Anonymous said...

I KNOW. I like that guy, he's good. HE MUST BE DESTROYED

Anonymous said...