Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Twice times! Twice times!

Nate Schierholtz guns down Chase Utley--who was not doggin' it--at second base in another boo-yah in-your-face notice-served Olympic laser-beam moment! When will they learn? You don't run on the San Francisco Cannon!


Todd Wellemeyer saves his job!

Tim Lincecum tomorrow!


update (0700 Wed): Here's the link to the video highlights of Nate's stellar work in RF last night. Go. Watch. Now.


Scott said...

Speaking of awesome defense did you see the crazy double play by Castro and Utley just crazy.

A tip of the hat for that one. The glove flip of sweet. The short arm throw but Utley was crazy. Just a good play all around.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Utley is one of the best. Superb play by Castro as well. Ballgames are way better when you see that kind of expert play, after all, that's why they get the big bucks.

Zo said...

Today in the SF Comical, two, count-em, two columnists weigh in with mis-timed articles. In the wake of 4 of 5 victories against the two of the most powerful offenses in the National League, Scott Ostler writes, "Time to Bring Posey Up to the Show," and his ink-stained wretch-mate, Bruce Jenkins opines that the Phils are now Behemoths, Yankee-like. I suspect that these guys are reading stuff on the internet.

Well, the facts are that the Giants are going for a sweep of these NL Pennant winners today with the mighty Tim on the mound. I mentioned to a house guest, not a huge baseball fan, but who grew up in Massachusetts, about how the Giants were winning against the Phils and Cardinals but sports columnists and internet posters were all "Fire Sabean/Bochy!", "Bring up THIS GUY", "Demote/release THAT GUY." Wins are not really enjoyable as long as SABEAN IS THE GM!!!!!!!

My friend hit the nail on the head. Giants fans have become Boston fans. Bitching is more fun than winning. Of course, Boston fans have become Yankee fans. Now that their shit does not stink, they are entitled to be in the world series every year and expect it (note to Botox fans, don't hold your breath this year). Maybe the fans at the stadium are different than the intellectuals on the internet. Maybe they are just happier because they are out of their mothers' basements. They are enthusiastic at the ballpark. Here is an Inconvenitent Truth: Winning validates Sabean and Bochy, just like rising stock prices validate idiot CEO's. That may not be fair and may not be the way the world should work, but does. Sorry, I can be as critical of Sabean as anyone, but right now, these guys are right and I am wrong.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Boston fans have something to crow about--two World Series rings. Yes, they are obnoxious. But they have two rings. The Giants have squat in 50 fucking years, and the fans have every right to be fucking testy about it.

I don't care who gets "validated." I've been a persistent critic of our FO, but I'm a fan. I like winning. I want the Giants to win. If Sabean gets a prize cuz we win, bully for fucking him.

I think we need more hitting. I might be wrong, but I'm going to scream about more hitting until we win the fucking World Series, Sabean or no Sabean.

GO GIANTS! Keep fucking winning!