Friday, April 23, 2010

Think we could use another bat?

The Texas Rangers just called up JUSTIN SMOAK to play first base. The 23-year old former South Carolina Gamecock was the 11th player taken in the June 2008 amateur draft. You might remember that the 5th player taken in that draft was 23-year old BUSTER POSEY.

Smoak's minor-league line (599 PA): .293/.411/.461
Posey's minor-league line (612 PA): .332/.425/.533

I'm just sayin'.


(h/t Hardball Talk)


wcw said...

I just know that looking at Heyward's and Bumgarner's lines this year is pretty depressing.

Scott said...

Too bad the brass decided that he isn't grizzeled enough.

They won't be swayed with these voodoo things called numbers and statistics. Everyone knows that these things lie and that the only truth is gamerism, how much gray is in your bears, and how far your hairline has receeded.

It would be nice to let the kids have a chance and not just a 40 at bat audition.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Molina, to his credit, is playing and hitting well. And I suspect the "arb clock" issue is also part of the Buster equation. At a certain point, though, Buster has to get the call and, at the very least, replace Whiteside. Molina has logged a LOT of innings behind the plate for the Giants and will likely start fading (his career wOBA is .312, it was .308 last season). The best-case scenario is that Buster will be the regular catcher in the 2nd half and Molina becomes a valuable reserve. But I doubt if Bochy would EVER start Buster over Bengie unless Bengie was hurt.

Ron said...

In other words, your best-case scenario (which I agree is the best-case scenario) won't happen unless Bochy/Sabean are not with the Team. We all know statistics enough to know that the likelihood of that is about 1%.

Scott said...

I don't see Bochey ever starting Posey over Molina with any consitancy.

He would get 1-2 starts a week and it would frustrate the heck out of me.

alleykat said...

It's EZ to play Posey all the time,but not the Giants management.If Sabean managed the 49ers,they'd draft Davis and Iupati,then let them ride the pine until 2012 when they learn the umpteeth pass protection scheme against a zone blitz,meanwhile Gore continues to avg 1.5 yards per carry.

alleykat said...

If Posey comes up,I don't want to see Bonehead relegate him to bullshit PH duty except on the rare occasion.Otherwise,why bring him up? He needs to start,start,start,and get 4 AB's a game.Where he plays to get those starts is secondary.

Anonymous said...

The Mets also called up their prospect Ike Davis recently.