Sunday, May 30, 2010

15 hits = 4 in a row

The Giants were relentless today, accumulating hit after hit until it was finally enough to outlast the Diamondbacks, winning 6-5 in the 10th on Andres Torres' fourth single. I'm a big fan of "stompin' 'em when they're down," and the Giants showed the ruthlessness I want to see from here on out. It was a tense, nail-biting, and ultimately dramatic affair, punctuated by some spectacular fielding, first by Freddy Sanchez (who dazzled the home crowd all weekend on both sides of the ball), and then by Olympic Nate, the San Francisco Cannon. The Giants have shown exceptionally good team defense so far this season, and that synergy with our world-class pitching is legit--we are stingy about runs! Arizona is a good-hitting team (wOBA .337, 3rd in NL) but they only scored six runs in the series. Huge comeback by the Giants, knotting up the game in the 9th with two runs off the closer Chad Qualls. Four in a row puts us two back, a half-game ahead of Colorado.

Tim Lincecum matches up with Ubaldo Jimenez at 1:05 tomorrow in a showdown everyone has been looking forward to. Should be fun.



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Bob said...

I now officially have a full-blown man-crush on our new second baseman. No more calling him "F Sanchez." He's Freddy from now on. That play he made backing up first and then throwing to 2nd for an out was one of the coolest plays I've ever seen.
I had to go to work so I missed the end of the game, dammit, but Freddy was a big part of that, too.
I'm digging the Buster Posey Era so far.