Thursday, July 22, 2010

Not with a bang, but with a whimper

Curse you, Blake DeCasey! Whoops, I mean, Casey DeWitt. Er, Witt DeBlakey. Casey Blake, that's it! Jesus, the Dodgers have these two guys I can never keep straight. I mean Casey Blake and Blake DeWitt on the same team? Sometimes in the same infield? Should not be allowed.

Certainly a let-down last night, I was soooooooooooooo hoping for a sweep. I know, it doesn't happen very often, but goddamn I wanted one! If I were big-shot sports-writer with a little picture of me next to my column with my cool handlebar moustache and bulging jowls and creepy comb-over hairdo, I'd probably write a meaningful piece about the Giants inability to put teams away, and how a team of real men would stand up and manfully do the manly little things needed to un-man the opposition. But since I'm a mere amateur blogger-hack, I'll spare you. But you can look at my little picture anyway.

I desperately want to blame somebody for failing to nut-up and deliver the big hit. I want to gnash my teeth about another wasted start. I want to moan about our lack of a game-changing hitter. (Jose Bautista? How Sabean-esque can you get?) But I'll spare you. And you'll thank me.


p.s. Jose Bautista: fluke or breakout? You decide.


Anonymous said...

I think he's for real. I think fan graphs wrote something about this not too long ago.

Brother Bob said...

The one time I went to Chavez Latrine to see a game many years ago, half the Doggers were named Todd. So my daughter and I started to call all of them Todd, eg Todd Piazza was the catcher. The Giants lost that game, but as I recall we had an 11 game lead over the Doggers at the time.
Last night's game has no cosmic significance at all. Chad Billingsly (possessor of the gayest name in sports) had a good night. That's all.