Thursday, August 5, 2010

Denny Bautista waived

Todd Wellemeyer is the beneficiary. The Giants are carrying 13 pitchers and 12 position players. I would have thought that 13 pitchers was one too many, as the Giants starters chew up a lot of innings. Perhaps it is The Jeremy Affeldt Effect. He has not been as effective this season and Ol' Boch has had to scramble to get late outs, using a revolving cast of characters as opposed to sticking his Main Man out there and watching the pins fall.

Bautista struck out an impressive 44 guys in 33-2/3 IP, but walked too many (25) and and gave up too many hits (25, with 4 HR) to stick with the team. He also had 7 wild pitches. Relievers come and go, and their performances vary so much from year to year, it is hard to get attached to them. It is different when they are our guys, products of the system, or make their ML-debuts with the Giants. That being said, I had a strange fondness for the odd-looking, weird delivery-journeyman from Santo Domingo. Vaya con dios, amigo.


UPDATE 1633: DFA'd actually, not waived. Sorry.

UPDATE 1645: Oh, The Sweet Irony Department: Freddy Sanchez is having a great game. Let yer bat do the talkin', lad, let yer bat do the talkin'.

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Anonymous said...

I'll miss him dearly. He may have had a few too many walks, wild pitches, etc. but he was/is a 2010 Giant and he never lost a game for us (though he may have made a few out of reach). He was a very interesting player who I hope may find a new club soon and maybe not walk a batter nearly every inning. Best wishes~