Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pat the Bat

I was skeptical when we picked up Pat Burrell, but then, I'm the skeptical sort. Burrell proved me wrong with a ridiculous month, pounding out 22 hits in 65 AB with 8 BB and 8 XBH for a .338/.405/.615 line in June (22 games, 19 starts). July wasn't so kind, as Pat the Bat only managed 10 hits in 53 AB (10 BB, 3 XBH) for an ugly .189/.313/.283 line. None of that mattered yesterday of course, as the 1998 Golden Spikes winner smacked a game-winning home run off Jonathan Broxton to reward Zito and the Giants with a dramatic win over the Dodgers. Overall, Burrell has an .828 OPS (.271/.362/.466) for the Giants, and that's a 117 OPS+, which you may remember from yesterday is Ryan Ludwick's lifetime mark.

Barry Zito has gone 7 innings or more and given up three or fewer runs 11 times in 22 starts. He has 16 quality starts overall. He's worth 2.1 WAR so far, just below his 2009 (2.2) total, and equaling his 2006 season in Oakland. The hideous 2007 (1.7) and 2008 (1.4) shall not be discussed. He's turned his game around, and the team is better for it. Keep it going, Barry!

Matt Cain looks for his first career win tonight against LA in his 15th start. In 81-1/3 IP, the Dodgers have 97 hits and 40 walks. That's not going to work if we are looking for a sweep. Let's hope we get another good start this weekend and finish those fuckers off.



Greg Wurz said...

I agree it's time for Matty to beat these guys.

Anonymous said...

It's time to shut the door on these assholes. I still can't believe half of the trades that they made. The scary thing is, I could see Sabean making those moves if the Dodgers didn't beat him to the punch. Ted Lilly is having a down year according to FIP (and even his record could tell you that), Scotty's been a bit lucky but isn't the best fielder, Theriot has a cool name but he will probably make them worse. Octavio will probably be about average for them. I know I said this yesterday but it just makes me feel good every time I think about it.

Go Giants!

M.C. O'Connor said...

I'm a little surprised the Padres were able to get a good player so easily, and it makes me wonder why the Giants could not. Ludwick would have been a perfect fit, and could have been added to the team for less than the two relievers cost us. I know we need the bullpen help, but another hitter would have been nice. We just have to hope that The Big Three--Posey, Huff, Torres--don't slow down at all and that Sandoval can find his 2009 form.

I realize the Giants are a good team and playing well, but take a look at the Yankees. They are the team with the BEST RECORD IN BASEBALL and they SCORE THE MOST RUNS and they added TWO hitters (Berkman and Kearns)!! How is it that they feel they need MORE offense and the Giants feel that they DON'T need more offense? Explain, please.

Also, I've had enough of FSanchez batting 2nd. That's ridiculous--there's nothing about his bat that justifies putting him up so high in the lineup. We'd be better off with Sandoval, Burrell, or Uribe in the top four.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Freddy's been soft swingin' and missin' for a while now.

I guess that the Padres felt that they really needed a hitter so they got a little creative. Another hitter would have been swell, however, I'm guessing most of the other teams see us as the pitchers store. I wouldn't want to lose Dirty or Madbum for a hitter.

If our starters keep pitching good, if our bullpen can be a little more stable, and our offense can provide enough runs, I'll feel fine.

The Yankees had a pretty bad bench so I guess adding Kearns and Berkman fixed that up for them. Kerry Wood they figured could do as good a job as Park if not better.

I must say though, if our pitching holds up and our guys keep playing good, we won't need the additional hitters. Pitching wins it in the long run, especially strikeout pitchers. Timmeh and Dirty are K machines, as well as most of the bullpen. Walks I feel are over exaggerated. It's only worth one bag. The Giants give up the 2nd fewest hits in baseball. I believe pitchers have a bigger role in hits than people think. Hits win games, walks not as much.

Last year, the Phillies could have won. Had they played Lee a game earlier, they would have had more momentum. They should have had more faith in J.A. Happ. I feel that he would have done better than Blanton. Poor faith and management in the pitching department led to the Phillies losing pretty easily without Cliff Lee. Good pitching silences good hitting and if we can bring some of our good pitching into the postseason, we have a real shot.

JC Parsons said...

Matt MUST beat these guys! How can he ever really be a great Giant if he never beats them!! Come on 18 starts is not exactly a small sample size. I know we can all make excuses about run support and "luck" but I don't want to hear it. Even if he has to throw a shutout AND hit a homer, Cain MUST beat these assholes!