Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Eleven runs is almost enough

The Giants came back from a 9-run deficit to take the lead against the Reds, only to lose 12-11 in extras. It was an amazing comeback, a dramatic game, and a tough loss. Blasting 18 hits is fantastic--the Giants rapped out 53 in three games--and piling up another double-digit run total is awesome. That's 38 runs against the Reds!! Yes, the FIVE errors and terrible start by MadBum were disappointing, and you hate to lose when you score so many runs and make a great comeback at home, but it was such an astounding comeback it is hard to be too upset. Buster Posey had no fun, going 0-for-6, which is pretty damn astounding in it's own right. Here's an interesting fact (from the ESPN game recap):
The Giants are 147-3 in home games in which they score 11-plus since moving to San Francisco in 1958.

That's a .980 win percentage. Hmm, maybe I should be really upset about today. That was an unfortunate error by Sandoval in the top of the 9th inning. Drew Stubbs is fast, and it looked like Pablo tried to do too much with the  throw, and it sailed way over Huff's reach. You really can't hit a 3-run HR with no one on base and you really can't throw it any faster to first base. It was a crucial mistake, as the Reds capitalized with an RBI hit by the next batter, Paul Janish, off closer Brian Wilson. Pablo bounced back with a leadoff hit in the bottom of the 12th, but was unable to score the tying run, and the Reds avoided an ignominious sweep.

A crazy game in a season of crazy games. I'm happy for the off-day tomorrow, let's hope Tim gets his Freak going on Friday against Arizona.



Anonymous said...

I did wear the hat today, but, I think this game (and the rest of the games in this series) used all of the remaining magik inside. It's gonna recharge for a while, I won't wear it again until Monday I've decided.

It was a good game, probably the best loss ever, however, I missed most of it (except the extra innings,some snippets in the beginning, and the 8th inning). I did not see Games 2 or 3 being like this. Usually when we score that many runs, we do bad the next game, but that did not happen. Instead, the Giants decided to tap into the Matt Cain vault and score MORE runs. Today when I saw it 4-0 in the bottom of the 1st I was like, "the runs finally came back to haunt us." But, I was wrong. It's nice to see some fight. And I hope Zeets won't have 3 losses in one week. Go Giants!

Anonymous said...

I cannot blame that play by Sandoval so much. He made quite a few nice plays at third during the game. A few plays that hurt more were, 1. Burrells dropped fly ball which was called a triple, Bumgarners tag of the runner, which should have been an out, it looked as if the ball game out a few seconds after, when he was trying to show the ump he had the ball. There was quite a bit of elapsed time there. The error at first base with the runner way inside the baseline. Why was that not called. It looked to me like runners interference and Huff almost was hurt badly on that play. The rule is there for a reason. In the bottom of the 12th, the called strike 3 to Cody Ross was not even close. There were quite a few things that went against the giants today and still they almost won. Yes, in the series, Pablo was called safe at second when he was clearly out, but in that game, the play was essentially inconsequential. On Cincy's behalf, their speedy centerfielder cut off Pablo's hit in the bottom of the 12th, and kept him to a single. Probably with half the centerfielders in the league that would have at least been a double.

Brother Bob said...

What a wild series! The fans last night must have been on a roller coaster of epic proportions.
Tonight I'm going to see the Fresno Grizzlies take on the Sactown R Cats in game two of a five-game series. The two teams are in a tight race for the lead of their division of the PCL. I'll do my best to take some notes and deliver a scouting report on the Giants' AAA team, in case anyone cares how Eugenio Velez and Steve Holm are doing these days

Brother Bob said...

A little preliminary research: the Grizzlies roster is full of 26 year-olds, none of whom will be ML impact players. The far more interesting roster is found on the Richmond Flying Squirrels, the AA team. Oh well.