Saturday, August 21, 2010

Feeble Tim

Instead of writing another post about how Tim sucked, I went fishing. Needless to say, I caught nothing...and now I still have to write the post! However, the quiet time and beauty of my setting appears to have inspired me. Or at least, it gave me enough time to stop screaming about the indignity of losing 5-1 to the monstrous bats of Randy Winn and Pedro Feliz .

We really do have to ask the question if Tim Lincecum (11-8) can lead us into the playoffs this season. In a straight up match up against another NL elite pitcher, Lincecum was over-matched. After teasing us for three innings, the wheels came off. He finished with a pedestrian line: 5.1 innings, 6 hits, 4 runs, 2 walks, and 4 strikeouts. A game score of 42, which sucks. Bad defense and poor luck contributed, of course, but when Randy Winn goes yard on you...well, let's just say there won't be a third Cy coming home this year.

I guess I'm suppose to be happy with the marginal improvement shown tonight. I'm not. This is not Tim's year and I no longer see him turning it around. Maybe Oswalt is right and Tim needs to hit the the Thigh Master. I don't know, but I'm scared.

Can someone out there tell me we can make the playoffs with this year's version of Tim?
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Anonymous said...

I think we can make it. We have 4 other pitchers that are quite good. Also, crazy things happen in the postseason. I would even be happy if Timmeh started to turn it all around then. Just have to stay the course. We didn't lose any more ground to the Padres, or the Phillies. Let's just look ahead. Go Giants!

Brother Bob said...

WTF is that photo?
Tim is tired. He works his little ass off when pitches, unlike lanky guys like MadBum who make it look easy.
Carpenter was great yesterday. He's a top-notch pitcher.
It definitely sucks to have ex-Giants Winn and Feliz do so well against us. I know they are both guys I used to irrationally defend despite everything the stats told us.

M.C. O'Connor said...

I saw the first inning and Tim was popping 94 mph. He looked great. It's all in there, but for some reason he can't sustain it. My first thought is always "injury" and my second is always "conditioning." But major league baseball is a mentally tough game as well, and you have to find a way to ride out the low spots and clamber back up to the top. Tim is finding out just how hard it is to stay being the best. He has some work to do, but I expect he'll figure it out. I have no reason to think he's not up to the challenge. I just hope it happens in September and not in April 2011.