Tuesday, January 25, 2011

18 games in September: V

The Showdown in San Diego featured a big start by Matt Cain who notched his first win of 2010 against the Padres. In three previous starts, he'd thrown 18 innings and given up 9 runs (6&2, 6&5, 6&2), earning two losses and a no-decision. The Giants had been swept at Petco in April and swept at home in May by this upstart club. They split a two-game set on the road later in the month--that victory took 12 innings and big contributions from the likes of Matt Downs and Eugenio Velez. The Giants then managed to win only one of the three played at AT&T in August. That was another torturous, extra-inning affair that ended 3-2 on an RBI hit by Juan Uribe that scored Buster Posey. The 2-9 Giants had to topple a first-place club that seemingly had their number. San Diego was up by two games with 24 to play, including a season-ending three-game set in San Francisco. All the pieces were in place for a dramatic confrontation and a scorching division race. Giants pitchers had just started their remarkable run of dominance, one that would lead them to World Series glory. Matt Cain pitched into the 9th and Aubrey Huff, Buster Posey, Pat Burrell, and Juan Uribe all hit home runs. Freddy Sanchez, emerging from his August slump, had three hits. The train left the station that day and didn't stop until Arlington!
Pitching                IP H R ER BB SO HR  ERA BF Pit Str
Matt  Cain W (11-10)     8 5 3  3  1  8  2 3.19 30 117  77
Javier  Lopez          0.1 0 0  0  0  0  0 2.29  1   2   2
Ramon  Ramirez         0.2 0 0  0  0  0  0 3.43  2  14  10
Team Totals              9 5 3  3  1  8  2 3.00 33 133  89

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Brother Bob said...

This is it, the series that was the big turning point. The Pubs totally owned us early in the season, and they looked like a solid club. But that 10 game losing streak was an ugly one, and exposed them as a team of chokers.
Coming soon...the appendicitis of Andres Torres. This won't show up in the stats but it was a big part of the gripping drama that was our 2010 season.