Thursday, January 20, 2011

Richer and famous-er

That's your 2011 Giants--getting pay raises and starring in a new TV show. Being World Series winners has its perks, wouldn't you say? It's an adjustment, I'll admit, rooting for the defending champions. My many years of fandom have not quite prepared me for it, but I'm a pro, I'll adjust. What's funny is that the ballclub will be mostly the same. Juan Uribe and Edgar Renteria left, and über-prospect Brandon Belt will likely get a spot on the roster, but otherwise the MMXI Giants look a lot like the MMX Giants. I didn't think it was possible to keep a team together in the rough-and-tumble world of 21st century baseball, but the Giants made sport of many of my cherished notions last season, so why shouldn't they keep doing it? Barring a serious injury or two, the Giants should be favored to win the West again. They won't get to play the plucky underdog card that worked so well for them last season. They are no longer overlooked and under-appreciated. They'll be the guys with the targets on their backs, and that's a new role. I'm excited to see how they'll respond to that.

I'm still waiting for the Giants to announce when the Trophy will be in Medford. I'm getting anxious--the website still says TBA and TBD. My friends, have you written to the Giants like I asked you to? Don't delay. Help a brother out, OK?


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Brother Bob said...

Don't forget our new SS Tejada. I contend he has the potential to win lots of games for us with his bat. Another big difference will be Ross in RF from day one. And if FSanchez stays healthy that could be huge.
Speaking of huge, Sandoval is allegedly on another nice weight-loss program. Last year he dropped a lot of pounds but gained them all back immediately. If he ends up having another disappointing season it would sad. He should be a superstar.