Friday, April 15, 2011

Keep on Grindin'

Matt Cain threw 99 pitches in the first six innings and faced 23 batters. The Diamondbacks worked some counts and put a lot of balls in play, but couldn't make anything happen. It was a Cain-like performance by the big righty, and with the requisite Weaveranian 3-run HR by the red-hot Panda, the rest of the crew held on for the win. When Matt gave up the double in the 7th--it eluded Huff in RF on the line--I made a "where's Nate?" note. I know it's an inning early for the Nate Schierholtz Defensive Replacement Move, especially on the road, but I still would have gotten Pat Burrell out of there and moved Aubrey Huff to left. Might have meant an out and perhaps a few more batters from Cain. But he hit the next guy and Bochy didn't hesitate to yank him. Jeremy Affeldt made it more exciting for Ramon Ramirez, but the hard-throwing ex-Royal, Rockie, and Red Sock (do you really use those singular forms?) was up to the task and got the next five outs. The Snakes scratched out another run against Javier Lopez and Brian Wilson, but it was too little, too late. The Giants ground down another offensive attack with FIVE hurlers: R, L, R, L, R who all have gas and other goodies. Man, it is a sight some times! Pounding the zone, breaking bats, getting guys to flail, THAT IS THE WAY TO WIN. That's three in a row! Knuckle-fives to Matt Cain for his 61 Game Score in a hitters park, to Pablo Sandoval for blasting the big bomb and flashing the leather, and to Ramon Ramirez for whipping out the Hold of Death™.

JC pointed out to me the other day that this post would be our 1000th here at Raising Matt Cain. Imagine that! One thousand. Hallelujah. Fittingly, it comes on a start and a win by the man who inspired the whole thing. Thanks to all of you, loyal readers. We'll keep on grindin' if you keep hangin' with us.


p.s. Here's my first ever post: RMC no.1

p.p.s Andres Torres sent the DL and replaced by Darren Ford.

p.p.p.s. Colorado is 11-2 after a win tonight.


Anonymous said...

Woo! Congrats! I must have been here for about half of that (maybe a little less).

I fell asleep (again) but I only missed the game with the bullpen in there so I only missed those two runs against us scoring. I'm so happy to see Pablo doing well :)

The only thing that worries me about Matteh is the lack of Ks so far. 4.7/9 is a little too low. The walk rate is only 1.9/9 so it should all even out soon. Dude's only had three starts (and he did pitch well) so I'm not that worried but it's just something in the back of my mind anyway this run-on is getting a little long winded so without further a due, GO GIANTS!

Brother Bob said...

Before we were a "blog" we were just an e-mail group for quite a while. And before that we were just a bunch of dudes who sat in the Candlestick bleachers. It was damn cold there and on some nights the swirling hot dog wrappers outnumbered the fans.

Ron said...


- -1 for Matt's good start
- -1 for Ramirez's heroics
- -2 for Panda's HR with runners on (he had only one of those all of last season)

-4 for the evening.