Tuesday, April 12, 2011

MadBummed again

The Giants looked pretty helpless against Clayton Kershaw last night despite the 8 baserunners (6 hits, 2 walks) in 6-2/3 IP. The young righty is having is way with the local lads and making it look easy. Madison Bumgarner didn't get any help from his fielders, and had another long and ugly inning that doomed the team to its 6th loss in 10 games.

Kershaw is a product (7th pick overall) of the June 2006 amateur draft, which saw 18 pitchers (including Tim Lincecum) chosen among the 30 first-round picks. Ian Kennedy of the Diamondbacks and Greg Reynolds of the Rockies were also part of that crew.

The Giants allowed only 55 runs scored in 18 games against the Dodgers last season, almost exactly 3 rpg. They've allowed 19 runs in 5 games so far this season, just shy of 4 rpg. The 2010 Giants lost 5 of their first 6 against LA before winning 9 of the last 12.

The Franchise goes tonight, and once again the team is leaning on its ├╝ber-ace to right the ship. I'm getting tired of watching the Dodgers look happy and relaxed in the dugout while beating the Giants. How about you?



Brother Bob said...

It seems the only games I get to watch are the stinkers. For the World Series all I watched was game 4, the loss. I'm working tonight, so that's probably a good thing for the team.

Ron said...

Colby Rasmus's unique style of getting maximal glove without actually catching the ball seems to have rubbed off on Rowand (Sunday) & F. Sanchez (last night).

Burrell's play, on the other hand, was a highly improvisational personal masterpiece. To his credit, he did hustle to retrieve the ball, miracuously avoiding a potential inside-the-park situation.

Anonymous said...

@Brother Bob: Same here. I have only seen the 1st, 2nd, and 4th games from the first Dodgers series thus far. I will get Extra Innings next week so that will make me happy :)

@Ron: He has his moments.