Saturday, April 23, 2011

Poopy Tim

I absolutely hate writing the "bad Tim" posts, which explains the big delay in getting this one up. I figure if I stall, some of the pain felt reliving a disappointing Lincecum start will be lessened. It works pretty well. Too bad it doesn't change the fact that The Giants dropped another home game to the Braves, 5-2, and fell back to .500.

The big number for Tim was the SIX WALKS, a new career high. It was hard to tell how much had to do with a patient Braves lineup (featuring the newest Giant killer, Nate McLouth) or some really stinky pitches thrown by our Ace. The worst pitch of the night (and, hopefully, for the whole year) was a terrible 0-2 fastball to Martin Prado. Blurrrr. I still get shivers thinking about that one. Guess I didn't wait long enough to post after all.

Perhaps, Tim Lincecum's excrement of an effort feels that much worse due to the work of Atlanta's Tim. Tim Hudson started nearly every Giant off with a strike and just missed a complete game. Only Pat Burrell and Cody Ross appeared to have a chance against the sage veteran. Ross not only got his first RBI, but he also got his first assist by nailing the despicable Eric Hinske at second. Once we get Andres Torres back, we may start to see some improved defense.

Let's hope the Braves are just as bad at sweeping teams as we are!!!

(Note: My beloved wife gets FULL CREDIT for both the name and the artwork. Photo credit.)


M.C. O'Connor said...

Even Tim Lincecum has a bad outing now and then.

Buck up, lad.

Brother Bob said...

I say the season doesn't really start until Torres is back in the lineup every day. With Belt gone Huff is in a funk. None of our hitters are hot now.