Friday, April 8, 2011

"Wave That Flag...

...wave it wide and high! (photo credit)

The 2011 Giants wasted little time putting their fans back into a state of masochistic bliss with a crazy Home Opener. Why does it always have to be so hard...yet, so wonderful? In this year's version of the sweet madness, the good guys prevailed over the Cards, 5-4, in 12 innings.

The details are already a little blurry (Rowand was the hero, right? Or was that last year?)- and, truthfully, I missed most of the game due to work - but it came down to the same message as last (every?) year: Nothing will ever come easy for the Giants. Want evidence? The Giants were 4 for 18 with RISP and had an astounding 17 team LOB. The bottom of the eleventh, an inning that I did hear, featured the worst conceivable pinch hit "attempt": Looking at THREE called strikes with the bases loaded by DeRosa. But anybody that is shocked by our offensive ineptitude must have been ""off the grid" all last season. And remember, it worked out pretty well last year.

Look for a first hand account of this beaut of a game from the RMC primary correspondent, M. C. O'Connor, real soon. The lucky bastard got handed some tickets and I am so jealous. I do believe he saw the best Home Opener ever.


Brother Bob said...

This had to a remarkable event.
Sandoval is hot, batting .440 so far. And Rowand can't be ignored- his average is now .600.
JSanchez was not bad.

Zo said...

I would have titled this post: Classic Closer Choke, or perhaps: Closer Choke Classic, or maybe: Choking Closer Classic. Something like that. Wilson, 2 outs, no one on, blown save. Followed by Franklin, two outs, no one on, blown save. Of course, Franklin did this once already, vs San Diego on the opening day game on ESPN. Yeah, MOC saw a good one. I was home in time to see Rowand's big hit at around 6 pm. Certainly better than the one for which they opened the big phone, back in 2000.