Friday, June 17, 2011

Better Sucky Tim

Tim Lincecum (5-6) was better than in his previous June starts, but not good enough as the A's took the first of three in Oakland. When you pitch for a team that routinely transforms mediocre opposing pitchers ( like...oh, let's say a rookie making their second start ) into dominant hurlers with almost total command of the game, you better be prepared to bring it.

Given Tim's history against the A's ( 5-0, 1.17 ERA before tonight; a 3 hit shutout earlier this year), it was easy to expect great things. However, because this June has us all remembering last August, it was also easy to have some trepidation. The Freak's performance (game score 54) landed squarely in the middle of those extreme expectations:

6 + innings 5 hits (only one double) 2 earned runs 5 walks 7 strikeouts

Not totally sucky but when all your teammates can muster during their 0-6 RISP evening is a Cody Ross homer, it means you drop below .500 again.

And the snakes are back to a .5 game behind... I can feel their reptilian breath...

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