Tuesday, June 7, 2011

No Magic Show Tonight!

Just a real boring one run loss to the Nationals.
I know that one run games shouldn't be boring but that is what it has come to. Tonight, we got a triple and a double to score once in the second. Then ZIPPO, ZILCH, NADA. Not another runner in scoring position. Boring.
Oh yeah, we pitched pretty well. Jonathan Sanchez walked every other batter and threw 500 pitches by the fifth, but somehow only gave up two runs. You know, the usual. Boring.
Tomorrow's matinee better have the magic back. I guess one night off this week is OK, but any thing else will get all the math nerds babbling about regression again. When it comes to Giants baseball, magic is way better than regression to the mean.

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Ron said...

Nice, timely post - not a lot of material to work with in that game, though.

The whole Sanchez routine is getting very old. His maintenance of a relatively low ERA & OK W-L record is fine. The stress he causes on the bullpen is the worst part. We can't continue to know that we need a minimum of 4 IP from the bullpen every time that he starts. We have a slug of back-to-back games now, & he needs to give us more than 5.0 IP.

When do we deal for Pudge Rodriguez? Isn't it right about now?