Sunday, June 5, 2011

Reciprocity is a Bitch

The Giants, buoyed by another stellar Ryan Vogelsong performance, defeated the helpless Rockies today in a near mirror image of yesterday's game. Baseball payback, Giants style. Each game was a nail-biting 2-1 affair in which the losing team could only muster a solo homer. Quite a bookend of pitcher's duels. Colorado came into our house and tried to play our type of ball. They actually did a good job, holding us to 6 runs in 3 games. You would think that would be good enough to take the series, perhaps even sweep it. But we have a secret weapon...Ryan Vogelsong.

The best story of 2011 so far is clearly Zito's replacement. Today's masterpiece ( game score 76 ) was eight innings of 4 hit, 7 strikeout dominance. This is his sixth straight super ( one run or less ) outing!! That's something Tim Lincecum can't claim ( although Matt Cain has done better! ) ( Thanks to McCovey Chronicles for that nifty factoid.) Not only was his pitching still outstanding ( lots of swing throughs! ), he also delivered a clutch bunt when everyone knew it was coming. You gotta love that!

In the same post referenced above, Grant suggested that Barry Zito start taking ground balls at short. That could very well be his best bet to ever play for us again.


Anonymous said...

Bochy will go to a 6 man rotation for about a month to give the arms a rest for the down the stretch run.

Brother Bob said...

Leaving Zito off the post-season roster was perhaps the #1 key to our success. He would have found a way to screw the whole thing up for us. I have no forgiveness in my my heart for this man. Let him rot. He can do a little long relief in games in which we are 10 runs behind.