Thursday, June 30, 2011

Things go bad in the 13th

The Cubs were down to their last strike on successive batters in the final inning but still managed to put a four-spot on Ramon Ramirez to take the getaway game. It was a bitter pill after another brilliant start, this one from Matt Cain (Game Score 74), whose six strikeouts pushed him to 1001 for his career, only the fifth SF Giant to get a K of Ks. Can you name the other four? That's an easy one--who are the four best pitchers in the San Francisco club's history? That's right: Juan Marichal, Gaylord Perry, Jason Schmidt, and Tim Lincecum. Matt Cain was drafted in 2002 and pitched in the Arizona League with the Rookie Giants. That season ran from June 22nd to August 30th, so you have to figure he made his professional debut just about nine years ago (he signed on June 26th). When he made his big-league debut on August 29th in 2005, he was the youngest player in the majors, only 20 years old. Now he is the longest-serving Giant. What lucky fans we are to watch him pitch!

I hate wasted starts. Tim and Matt threw 14 innings and gave up one run but the Giants lost both games. That's a lack of offense, of course, despite the blown saves. But I don't really want to talk about the lousy offense. It is what it is and it will only get better if guys like Aubrey Huff and Andres Torres find their 2010 magic. Two walks, a hit, and two stellar and nearly-identical great plays at second by Emmanuel Burriss created some excitement. A shoulda-coulda homer by Pablo Sandoval was the other excitement. The Giants got seven walks but also went hitless for 10 innings. There I go again with the lousy offense stuff. Hey, how about that Matt Cain?



Anonymous said...

Giants go for 19 runs and win the first two vs the lowly cubs with Lincecum and Cain going the next two. Things looked up. The hitters must have garnered-up some skeletal muscle disease. Pablo had two hits 10 innings apart. Unfortuneately no one else could even muster-up a bunt single in that time. Very dissappointed loss, especially when I thought that Ramirez had the K, and game won. Even if the guy did not swing, which I thought he did, the freaking pitch was over the plate. Whenever that happens, the team ahead losses all its momentum. The air comes out of the balloon, while the team down, seems to get a boost of adrenalin. Giants' pitchers seem to be especially prone to a letdown after a call does not go their way. Even after that, Ross had an easy play at the plate and he threw the ball way off line. Ironically he had a chance to score from third on a short fly to center, and that throw was off line, but he did not go.

Anonymous said...

Our pitching is going to win our division, but unless Belt sparks the offense, we cannot beat Atlanta or Philly. Thank you for last year, Sabean, but we cannot expect to be so fortunate this year, especially without Posey and Sanchez. I don't see Whiteside or Tejada making it beyond July on this team as those are two positions we can upgrade simply by plugging any other player into there. I'll miss Whitey, but the offense isn't there. I hope he clears waivers.

As for Matt Cain, WOW! Even Timmy would have lost his composure with this umpire, but Matty kept his cool. Until Matt Ryan wins a Super Bowl with Atlanta, Matt Cain is the real Matty Ice!