Friday, June 3, 2011

A puff for Huff

How's about a couple of nice, fat puros for Aubrey "Don't call me Aaron" Huff, eh? Give that man a cheroot! Pass out the cigars! Smoke 'em if ya got 'em! The ice-cold Thongman stopped his descent into Rowandia with a three-homer night and the Giants whipped the Cardinals. Whipped them in the game, whipped them in the series, whipped themselves back into first place. The St. Louis club has some serious thump in their lineup even with the loss of Matt Holliday, but their pitching looks a little suspect. They elected not to throw Jaime Garcia last night and it cost them as the Giants beat up on Lance Lynn, Trever Miller, Maikel Cleto, and Brian Tallet. Giants starter Jonathan Sanchez did another one of those weird two-baserunners-per-inning things but managed to keep it all from coming apart after Santiago Casilla bailed him out in the 6th. Guillermo Mota gave us a scare but a resurgent Jeremy Affeldt closed it out, actually earning a save. A huge win in a huge series for the Giants, who looked like a rudderless ship after The Collision. It's going to take a bit of re-inventing and re-arranging but the Giants can still put together the vaunted league-average offense I so desperately seek. Case in point: even after a three-strikeout night Cody Ross is laying out a .267/.348/.417 line. Hey, I'll take it. Add in a little more pop and that's a solid corner OF. Freddy Sanchez is delivering the goods and flirting with .300, Andres Torres looks completely healthy, and Pablo Sandoval is re-habbing in San Jose this very day. If Brandon Crawford can hit better than Miguel Tejada (.211/.237/.271, I'm not making that up) the rest of the way then the team is hugely improved. Hell, he's an upgrade even if he doesn't. Show 'em what you got, kid!

Matt Cain opens the homestand tonight against Colorado. A big shut down win for The Tennessee Stud would be a lot of fun and erase the memory of his last two below-par efforts, don't you think?




Zo said...

You have to go back to April to find two consecutive games (not just wins) where the Giants scored 5 runs. Let's hope the offensive deluge continues against the Rox.

Brother Bob said...

J Sanchez again helped himself with the bat, hitting a double and then scoring a run. Too many walks again.
I'm super glad Huff is hot. I suppose I might have a man-crush on him. Maybe it was the thong? Or actually that a dude could be so cool as to do that thong thing.