Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rubber Tim

Just when you think we are done (2 days ago), we bounce back in your face!

For the fifth time out of six chances, the Giants captured the rubber game, this time against the red hot Twins. Our resilient boys were led once again by Tim Lincecum delivering exactly what was needed: Timmy being Timmy. After a bad stretch, the Freak has bounced back with some classic Big Time Timmy Jim numbers:

7 innings 3 hits (one double) NO RUNS 2 walks and ..... 12 STRIKEOUTS
This commanding 109 pitch performance earned Tim a blistering 81 game score. Particularly noteworthy was Tim's unmerciful abuse of the bottom of the Twins line-up (#5-9): 0 - 16 with 12 strikeouts. Combine that with the continuing mastery of Javier Lopez and the unrelenting torture of Brian Wilson; you got yourself yet another Giants series victory. After that ridiculous first inning against Madison Bumgarner, reality set in and the Twins sure got a taste of true Giants baseball.

I don't want to make a habit of mentioning our "offense," but I must say I LOVE ME THOSE INSURANCE RUNS. Great job in the bottom of the eighth: Aubrey Huff double followed by a Cody Ross RBI single. Honorable mention to the Emmanuel Burriss slide which was incorrectly called out at home on a safety squeeze.

BTW: We now have a 15-7-3 (W-L-S) series record. Shockingly good for a team with our injuries and MIA offense, don't you think?


Zo said...

Our Timmeh's back and there's gonna be some trouble.
Ooh la, Ooh la, our Timmeh's back!

Alternate title for this post: Rowand and Tejada Each Go 2 for 3; Earth Wobbles on Axis.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Ask, and ye shall receive!

Anonymous said...

our entire offense is due for a strong second half. I hope the pitching will hold up.

Brother Bob said...

This was exactly what we needed. Mediocre offense we can live with. Mediocrity from Lincecum we cannot.
I also noticed the unusual source of our offense- two hits each from Rowand and Tejada. You never know.