Thursday, June 16, 2011

This time it goes the other way

The Giants held the Diamondbacks to ten runs in three games. This is a club that hits as well as any in the league in a hitting-friendly park. They've scored 326 runs--that's 83 more than Giants. They average about 14 runs scored every three games. The Giants did well to keep them off the board and managed two wins because of it. Ryan Vogelsong got MadBum's Matt Cain treatment, but the team took him off the hook with a pesky comeback in the 9th off closer J.J. Putz. That was a rousing bit of team magic, but it didn't stay in the container very long. Some must have spilled in the Arizona dugout because they got a walk-off bomb from Justin Upton to win in the 10th. One-run wins and walk-off wins are all part of the 2011 magic, but with great magic comes great responsibility. One has to keep the cap on the bottle.


p.s. That was Upton's fourth walk-off RBI, most in the majors. (H/T Baseball Musings)

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