Saturday, July 30, 2011

28-14, 10-6, 15-9

The Giants have played 42 one-run games this season and have won 28 of them. They've played 16 extra-inning games and won 10 of those. That ain't bad. That's damn good, actually. It points out what we already know--they rely on great pitching. The Giants are interesting in that they have a great staff. It's not just about the starters. The bullpen is equally brilliant. Tonight was one of those games you thought they'd win after they tied it up late because the Giants usually win when it is "a battle of the bullpens." Alas, Wilson did not have the good stuff (he gave up a hit to a relief pitcher who hadn't batted in seven years) and the Reds and Edgar Renteria took advantage and pulled off the win. The Giants survived what was for them a mediocre start (Game Score 45 for Vogie) and had their chances to put the game away, but that Ol' Devil Offense just couldn't get the big hit. It is the team's weak spot, and FNG Carlos Beltran can't change it all by himself (especially when he strikes out three times!). Allowing only four runs in 13 innings is pretty damn good pitching when you get right down to it (2.77 ERA), and the team ought to be able to deliver the goods. Dontrelle Willis--a desperation reclamation project for a hurler starved club--looked like an ace, a familiar refrain for Giants fans. Despite the hiccup, the Giants have won 15 of 24 this month. That ain't bad, either.

Weren't the Dodgers lovely lads for whipping the D-backs tonight? The enemy of my enemy is my friend, eh?


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Brother Bob said...

I say our bullpen is cum stain worthy.