Friday, August 12, 2011

Giants continue to underwhelm

Last year the Giants were 13-15 in August. This year they are 3-8. Going 10-7 from this point forward for the rest of the month and finishing 13-15 would be something. Whatever it is the Giants are playing right now, it ain't in the "How to Defend a Championship" manual. So I'm ready for something. Not quite sure what. A few wins, perhaps. Thumping on some piece-of-shit nowhere ball club would be a start. Hey, I'm a patient guy. I waited many years for a championship team, so I know all about patience. I realize Arizona's lead is small, there is plenty of baseball left, even two series with the damn Diamondbacks! I get it. But this is some seriously ugly shit. The team is wasting good starts. They have no chance when there is a poor start. This we know. So they have to be really good at winning the close ones. This they have been. So this underwhelming stretch of play we've been treated to is especially hard to enjoy. This team has a lot of expectations. The fans--quite reasonably, I should add--anticipate a spirited defense of the title. Pry that fucking trophy from our "cold, dead hands" and all, not to go too Hestonian on ya. Don't you think so? Don't you feel like this run here right now and in the next few years with Tim & Matt & MadBum & Buster & Pablo & Brian is "the window" that every franchises chases? This team has a pitching staff that can lock down the NL West in a few weeks. Once Jonathan Sanchez gets his groove back they will be even more formidable. They, unfortunately, can't do it alone. They have to have some guys who can hit and catch and throw. And score some damn runs. And those guys need to get it going. 43 more chances, fellas--it ain't fookin' April anymore.



Anonymous said...

The giants are the slumpbusters. Pirates came in with a 10 game losing streak. That was over, they played the giants. The fish were really losing it, and not in the race with a 7 game losing streak. The Medicine; The Sanfrancisco giants. Note the giants pitchers are throwing a lot of pitches. Either walks, errors, or the other team intentionally fouling off a lot of pitches making the giants' pitchers go deep into the pitch count. On the other hand, the giants just to not recipricate in this manner. They rarely foul off a lot of pitches, Its Take the first pitch, Swing and miss the second pitch, then hit the ball in play, usually with a resultant out. And always with a resultant out with a runner in scoring position. The giants simply are not taking walks. The only walk tonight was an intentional walk. If there is one out and a runner on third, either the next two guys strike out, or they walk a giant, and the next guy hits into a tailor made DP.

JC Parsons said...

Is anyone thinking that Beltran won't bother to return this year? Why should he? If he doesn't pay another inning, someone will still give him top dollar for his last contract next year. Everyone (except us) knows he is a constant injury risk, so no one will really discount his value. However, if he falls in the tank (like say in 11 games hit .244 with 3 xbh and 2 RBI) that might hurt his income. He knows our ballpark is going to kill his why risk any more serious injury. We have established that Beltran calls the shots (like that BS about being in RF) so I look for him to miss MANY more games.

JC Parsons said...

It begins...
I just saw that we recalled Belt ( a good thing!) so does that mean Beltran is on the DL?
Has DeRosa had an AB since his "return"? If so, I missed it.

M.C. O'Connor said...

DeRosa did indeed hit--he Huffed a routine 4-3.

Yeah, the Beltran thing is a bummer. I know that trades are always risks, but having a guy blow out his wrist not much after he suits up is a real blow. Let's hope he's got a month of killer baseball left. Hell, the Giants got two weeks of killer ball last year from the Cody Ross & Edgar Renteria Show, so anything is possible.

Torres goes to the DL, so that is probably good news about Beltran. Torres has not found his 2010 magic.