Thursday, August 18, 2011

Screwed Tim

Yeah, OK, he did put a couple pitches on a tee for Chipper Jones. One of which resulted in yet another gut wrenching loss to the Atlanta Braves. Maybe, Tim likes guys that are named after gardening tools. But BESIDES that, Tim Lincecum (11-10) was his usual masterful self :

7 innings... 5 hits (3 xbh!)... 1 run ...2 walks ....7 strike outs

That is a very nifty 68 game score, which is like the fourth time out of the last 5 starts with the same game score (and the fifth start was an 80!). I don't really know if that means much but it seemed like a neat statistical booboo. Tim deserved to win, he got hosed by a terrible offense, bbblah bblah BLAH! I have written this too many times for a lifetime, let alone a season.

I shall say nothing about the offense...except to mention that I noticed around the fifth or sixth inning that I was no longer even hoping for a hit...Heaven forbid, that would be asking too much of these frigging millionaires. I was just hoping they would have a good at bat. You know, foul a few off, take a close one or two. That's all I wanted. I was really rooting for them.

They didn't come close.


M.C. O'Connor said...

Giants sent 9 men to the plate in the first two innings and got about 50 pitches out of the rookie by the 3rd. They had some good ABs but couldn't get a friggin' hit! The rest of the game was a cruel joke.

Tim got Cained. Sad but true. A baseball club does indeed require SOME OFFENSE to win. Not a lot, but SOME. This year's version of the Giants does not have enough. Last year they were 9th in the NL--better than 7 other teams. This year they are LAST. If they win a championship with this offense it will be historic (seriously). They have to start hitting or they will fail to defend their title, perhaps even fail to make the playoffs. They've got the arms, that we know. But they need some bats.

Mike Minor was drafted one spot after Zack Wheeler. Wheeler was assigned to the Mets A+ team in Florida. Minor pitched for three years at Vanderbilt and is two years older than Wheeler.

M.C. O'Connor said...

FanGraphs analyzes the Giants offense in a historical context

Anonymous said...

Today Pablo is scrated and Belt is not starting. Pablo's shoulder precludes him from batting from the right side. He told Bochy that he will hit lefty. Bochy said no. I guess Bochy would rather have limp wristed Mark Derosa in there. Fontenot a lefty is starting. Wouldn't you rather have Belt starting or Pablo. Supposedly Beltran has reported that his hand is ok to go from the right side only. Should he be activated to bat vs lefties, pinch hit, or play the field? Whiteside, I guess after further review may have a concussion. I have never seen more injuries nail a team in such a short period as this years giants team. Bring back anabolic steroids. I think the guys were healthier back then.