Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Streaks snapped

The Vogelstory has been one of the best of the 2011 season and one of the best SF Giants stories ever. He's the poster boy for perseverance and a reminder that drive and desire can overcome even the longest odds. You can teach an old dog new tricks--at 34 years of age Ryan Vogelsong has learned how to be a star in the major leagues. (Eat shit, Keith Olbermann.) The Giants improve to 12-6 in Vogelstarts and shake off the pesky Diamondbacks for at least another day. This is a much better club than most of us expected. I like the way they show patience and discipline at the plate and force pitchers to come in. Today they worked Vogie just like they worked Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain. Fortunately the bats finally came alive with the FNGs contributing six hits, four runs, and four RBI. It is nice to see Carlos Beltran swinging the bat well, he makes a fabulous 3-4 combo with Pablo Sandoval. Let's hope they keep getting some help from the rest of the lineup. A few more runs last night and perhaps Tim's start isn't wasted and the Giants are two up and not just one. But that's milk spilled under the bridge, eh?

Philadelphia comes to town for four big ones. Roy Halladay pitched today and so once again the Giants will miss the über-ace. Tomorrow night is the southpaw showdown with Cliff Lee and Madison Bumgarner. Rookie Vance Worley threw a complete game against the Giants last time and will face the re-activated Jonathan Sanchez on Friday night. He has his own colorful history against these Phillies. Speaking of history, the NLCS Game Three re-match of Cole Hamels and Matt Cain happens Saturday afternoon. The final game features another re-activated pitcher, this time Roy Oswalt. He has the luck of the draw and gets Big Time Timmy Jim in what I predict will be an epic Freak-on.



p.s. Giants snap the five-game losing streak and they snap the "can't score more than six runs at home" streak as well.


Anonymous said...

Unlike Matt and Timmy, Ryan held them blank through six, but could not get the bottom of the lineup out in the 7th, so instead of leaving after six with 2 hits and no runs, he officially leaves after six with 1 run and 5 hits, but Mota was lights out, striking out six in two innings, holy crappola. Vogelsong remains the ACE of the staff.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Yeah, WillyMo put on a show! Six strikeouts in two innings--The Ancient One can still bring it.

Brother Bob said...

One thing I learned in recent days, watching a couple of TV games with my bro, is that he cares about baseball WAY more than I do, in fact more than enough for the both of us. He gets into a highly agitated state and stays there, ranting over every pitch. Come to think of it, that's the way he's always been. Even when things are going well he seems like he's furious about something. It's sort of fun, and I love to watch games with him, but it's also a little exhausting.

Ron said...

@Anonymous (which Anonymous is it this time?): As much as I love the Vogelsong story to-date, calling him the ACE (your capitalization) of the staff based upon half a season of starts is a bit extreme. He has been a very effective pitcher for us, but the true question to be asked regarding an Ace is 'Who do you want as your Starting Pitcher in the biggest game of the Season?' The answer to that question remains decidedly Tim Lincecum, just as it was going to the post-season last year, even though Tim had had a 'down' year. After Tim Lincecum, the second choice is still decidedly Matt Cain. For both of them, this is based upon a body of work extending beyond 18 starts & a track record of getting things done, when the Team has needed a big start. At best, Vogelsong is in a 3-way fight with Bumgarmer & J. Sanchez for tertiary Ace.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Ah, what a luxury! Arguing over who's The Aciest of Them of All! This is such an unprecedented time in my life as a Giants fan. Actually having a killer staff and an über-ace all at once and winning the whole thing with them still leaves me speechless. What a treat it is to watch these guys. I complain about the torture and the agony and the grind but this team has been a joy to follow.

M.C. O'Connor said...

He gets into a highly agitated state and stays there, ranting over every pitch. Come to think of it, that's the way he's always been. Even when things are going well he seems like he's furious about something.

So familiar, and so aptly described. That used to be me, too. I've mellowed. Thank the gods, because it was shortening my life.