Saturday, August 13, 2011

Stretchy Tim

Thanks to my good Pirate friend, David, I am finally getting to watch live video coverage of the Giants' games this week. ( I could tell you how but I would have to kill you.) As you all know, this has been a not so enjoyable few getting to see it has been a bit of a mixed blessing. NOT TONIGHT! I got to see my boy, Tim Lincecum (11-9) lead his staggering Giants past the Marlins, 3-0 tonight.

One of the first things I SAW tonight was that The Freak threw every single pitch, all 119 of them, out of the stretch position. It is well documented that when Tim feels out of rhythm he will often throw from the stretch with no one on, but I can't ever remember him doing that from pitch #1 on. Do you think it was a way to conserve strength in the heat? Anybody hear about it in the post game rap? What the hell, it worked!

7 innings 2 singles ZERO runs 3 walks (1 HBP) and...10 strikeouts

That is a blistering 80 game score. He wasn't perfect...for example starting only 14 of the 27 hitters faced with strikes and letting that pitch count soar early...but, DAMN, he was just what this doctor ordered. And he LOOKED SO GOOD doing it!

Other Freaky factoids include:

* Tim lowered his league-leading road ERA to 2.08
* He has given up one run or less in six of his last seven starts overall
* His ERA since the All-Star break is 1.11

I suppose other people did good things, too...right? We scored after all. Maybe a save? Musta been one. Sorry, I'll leave that for the hecklers. Right now I'm going to bed and dream of flying hair, a twisting torso, and darting pitches.

No wind ups, though.

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M.C. O'Connor said...

Tim was awesome. If the Ginats could have scored three for Cain, they might have won the first game. Ah, well. Spilt milk, eh?

Maybe the offense can wake up a bit and the team can get its groove back.