Sunday, August 21, 2011

That's a relief!

Another exceptional effort by the Giants bullpen led to a much-needed victory in Houston. I said yesterday's game was the nadir of the season and I stickin' to that, by gum! Poor Dan Runzler couldn't get the ball over the plate and nothing gets Ol' Boch fumin' faster than a crack-addled flyin' squirrel than bases on goddamn balls. The Runzinator was out by the second inning. Naturally my man WillyMo got the call and he put out the fire with a little gasoline of his own, but settled down and got the outs. Guillermo Mota is a valuable guy! Farmhand Steve Edlefsen made his major-league debut and impressed everyone with some nasty-sinky stuff. Giants need a lift and anyone can be the guy--go Effie! Eddie! Edlie! Whatever-the-Fuckie! Brandon Belt awakened from his slumber and delivered big time for the team, family, and friends. Save us, O Baby Giraffe! Pablo Sandoval gets my inaugural RMC Croix de Awesomeness for the game-winner and general all-rounder gnarliness, playing through injury like a manly-man. Nate Schierholtz and Aubrey Huff get kudos, too, for making it happen in Chips-are-down Time. My most hilarious moment was Mega-Cranium pinch-hitting Miguel Tejada for Mike Fontenot. "Way to Go" was hella pissed about it, with good reason as he'd had solid PAs and the game-tying RBI, but The Noggin was not to be denied. Te-nada then hit a dinker that never left the infield but was a hit nonetheless! Bochy is a genius! I love this game. I love it especially much when the Giants win. Arizona loses in Atlanta--hah! Giants are only 1-1/2 back. C'mon, lads, take it away from those ocher-clad wankers!



Ron said...

My early vote for the 2011 Willie Mac Award: Guillermo Mota. He has done whatever has been asked, under many different circumstances. He may even have to start a game before too long.

Zo said...

We won today with the third string in. It would be nice if Beltran came back as the homestand opened and contributed the rest of the way. If he remains out, or non-productive, and then goes elsewhere, it would have to rank as among the worst trades for the Giants ever (up there with Nathan for he-who-must-not-be-named). Cabrera, in my view, is a net negative, although Keppinger has been a good pickup. Sabean was quoted in the paper this morning as saying something about "not being done." Unless there is some surprise happening with pitching, I kind of hope he is.

Anonymous said...

We really need to win the Cain and Lincecum starts. and then a few of the bumgarner and Vogelsong starts. I don't think Runzler is yet ready to start. He needs more minor league time as a starter. If Sanchez cannot come back it might be time for Surkamp. It is amazing how we get lefties and they cannot throw strikes, Bumgarner excepted. You can count the lefties in recent years that have come to the giants and 90 percent of them cannot find the strike zone. Even guys like Affeltd and Zito have trouble with their control. Giants pitchers are 4th worst in the league for giving up walks, but their hitters still of a severe allergy to walks. Its the baseball Gods way to treating the giants in the post Bonds era. At least they allowed us a world series championship.