Saturday, September 15, 2012

Battery Batters 'Backs

Barry Zito pitched another fine game, this time in the hitter-friendly confines of Chase Field. He has his ups and he has his downs, but he's stifled the team's two nearest rivals in his last two starts. Methinks he wants to make the post-season roster! The best problem in the world to have is too many guys contributing to wins. Speaking of contributions, rookie backstop Hector Sanchez made two spectacular throws to nab runners attempting to steal second. In the 9th pinch-runner Tyler Graham was nailed on a no-doubter to snuff out a no-out, one-on threat. The bunt seemed like the obvious play there, but Gibson perhaps figured the young catcher was vulnerable to a steal attempt. Clearly he hadn't paid attention the first time, when Sanchez cut down Paul Goldschmidt in the 4th. The new wunderkind is apprenticing at the feet of the master, and learning his lessons well. What a luxury to have two excellent defenders behind the plate! And speaking of the master, what else does Buster Posey have to do to be the favorite for the NL MVP? His two-run opposite-field homer in the 5th was the difference in the game, and came right after Justin Upton had tied it with a solo shot. The man is unreal. Another excellent win: pitching, defense, speed, and power were all featured tonight. The Giants even up the season series with Arizona at seven wins apiece with four more to play. The Magic Number falls to ten with 17 games remaining.




Brother Bob said...

It would be a crime to leave Zito out of the post season. Just because we did it 2 years ago doesn't make it okay to do it again. More often then not he is doing a fine job. If we must change to a four man rotation the odd man out, it would seem, should be either Bumgarner or Vogelsong, depending on which of the two continues to stink like they have recently. Now if they both start pitching well again, that's a new problem, the type you like to have. Probably you have all 5 guys on the team, but one of them gets demoted to the bullpen for emergency long relief.

Zo said...

I didn't read the local Chronic until after the game yesterday, but sure enough, Bruce Jenkins article on how the doggers were dead for the season brought them back to life. They are now tied with the Cardinals for the second wild-card spot. Great timing, Bruce.

nomisnala said...

The giants may go with lefty or righty depending on the team they are playing in the playoffs, assuming they will get in the playoffs. Probably one of the starting 5 will be moved to the pen or long relief. Will Huff make the team as a lefty pinch hitter, and or DH if we make it to the WS?