Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Offense in Coors? You betcha!

Offense, when it comes from the Giants, is a good thing.  Last night the good guys won 9-8.  It would have been pretty embarrassing for the Rockies to win, again, after such a stellar weekend, and that almost happened.  But not quite.  Madison Bumgarner took the hill, and contributed greatly to the offensive effort.  He hit his second home run of the year, a 3 run bomb that tied the score in the fourth inning after the Rox were up 4-1.  The Giants picked up 2 more in the fifth, 2 in the sixth and 1 more in the seventh on Brandon Belt's big fly.  Didn't he also hit one the last time Madison went yard?  Angel Pagan hit a triple.  That ties him for triples in one season with Steve Finley, and a guy who you could argue was the greatest ball player of all time, Willie Mays.*  We needed all of those runs as the Rox mounted a spirited comeback in the ninth to almost tie.  Brandon Belt, 2 hits, 4 rbi.  Madison Bumgarner, 2 hits, 3 rbi.  Buster Posey, 2 hits, 2 walks in 5 ab.  Angel, 1 hit, 1 rbi.  Marco Scutaro (perhaps a better late-season pickup than all of LA's gazillion dollar players combined) 2 hits, 1 rbi. 

 Is anyone else worried about starting pitching?  I am.  Madison did not pick up a loss this time, but went only 4.1 innings, gave up 11 hits and 5 runs.  Bochy is using a lot of  relievers, and it has been a successful strategy.  He is keeping our starters fresh, and they need to be fresh going into the post season.  But Maddy and Ryan are not throwing well enough, right now, to take us very far in the post season.  Eight pitchers last night.  Bochy has a quick hook not just to keep our starters fresh, but because our starters are in trouble. 

* I used to have this card.  Wish I still did.

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M.C. O'Connor said...

I'm not worried. Never judge pitching from Coors Field. And yes, they have had their struggles, but they are a tough and talented bunch and I expect they will bounce back. This is the time to get everyone healthy and work out the kinks and get ready for the playoffs. Six game lead with 20 to play, magic number 15, this is a good scenario. I'm excited. I expect they will get it done like the pros they are.