Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I Was Getting Annoyed by that Half Game Anyway

A quick "thanks" to the Rockies for cleaning up that hanging chad of a half game. Now the math is is a lot easier. Giants have 21 games left. Dodgers have 21 games left. If the Giants win more, then they win. And they have a five game cushion. I think I've got it.

It would be nice if Pablo Sandoval starting hitting. Hunter Pence got the memo, it seems.

Buster Posey.



Ron said...

For me, Sandoval is about one more crappy game away from a major derisive rant from me about his weight, lack of patience, & general lack of preparation to be a major league baseball player (e.g. bizarre stolen base attempt on Sunday).

As far as I am concerned, no question about it - he is back on the team-monitored weight & conditioning program in the upcoming off-season, or he can go away. His 2011 offensive numbers & improved defensive play tell the ENTIRE story.

By the way, that wasn't the rant ... just a teaser.

Also, Mark, I am scared by statements such as 'the Dodgers seem to have conceded the division'. They obviously aren't & never would. For one thing, the way that Atlanta & St. Louis are playing, winning the division may be their only route to the post-season.

Keep up the pressure, Giants!!!!! If we keep beating the weak teams, we're there.

Brother Bob said...

Vogelsong's loss of reliability is a major concern, combined with a similar drop in the quality of Bumgarner's pitching. Let's hope it's just some variety of mental fatigue which will go away when the playoffs start.
And the little guy with the long hair has been improving recently. I expect him to be ready to be Big Time Timmy Jim when the time is right.

nomisnala said...

Some tired an dead arms finally catching up with the team after the long 2010 post season, and a tough 2011 and now 2012. By enhancing our bullpen, our starters can go shorter for a few games, and maybe get their mojo back. As far as Sandoval goes. I think he prepares and works very hard. The guy is a very good ballplayer. He should get out of his slump soon, and hit like blazing meteor. Not worried. The guy is a gamer. He has certainly been more selective at the plate this year than previously. He has struggled through some injuries but he will be back. Don't let the weight bias fool you.

M.C. O'Connor said...

The Giants are SIX games up!!


Magic Number is 15, my friends, 15. They've got three weeks to get it done and get everyone ready and healthy for the post-season.

I feel good.