Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pitcher Tim

 Start # 29  ND (8-14)    6.1 innings (119 pitches)  4 hits  2 runs  7 walks   7 strikeouts

In an exciting match-up of fallen Aces, Tim Lincecum and his fellow Giants wore down a tough Josh Beckett and the dispirited doggers, 5-2.  The Giants put on a lovely display of small ball (which I really enjoy) combined with just the right amount of studly pitching. That puts the good guys up 6 games in the loss column with 24 games to go. Or if you prefer to play the "Magic Number" is NINETEEN!

Although Timmy did pretty much exactly what was asked of him in a big time game ( which is, get the game to our bullpen as late as possible ), you have to admit it was a wee bit painful to watch.  (As MOC so wisely pointed out, it felt a Jonathan Sanchez start.)  He was all over the place with his fastball for the first four innings; could NOT get it over. However, his slider was wicked and "spot on"... so he found a way to survive.  He was like a crafty veteran that seems to be using mirrors or some such wizardry.  Seven walks, a new career high. Sure that's ugly...but it was one an inning, every inning. Kinda weird and cool, huh? Bottom line :  This game was another significant moment in the evolution of Tim Lincecum, the "Freak", into Tim Lincecum, the "F*cking Good Pitcher."

The good: I love me my small ball! Three lovely sacrifice bunts by Tim, Emmanuel Burriss, and Gregor Blanco.   Stolen bases by Angel Pagan (#24) and Blanco (#21).  Yea baby, that's some fun!  Throw in a clutch hit by the best mid-season acquisition in the world, Marco Scutaro, and you have a recipe for dogger soup.



M.C. O'Connor said...

It was an impressive display by the home squad. They were rocky early, booting balls and such, but when they got their opportunities they got it done. All the hits were singles. Me, I could have used an XBH or two, but I can't argue with the result. Blanco and Pagan are a combined 45/55 SB/CS. There was a piece on FanGraphs about Scutaro having only SIX swing-and-miss strikes since he became a Giant. I was amazed when I read it, and even more amazed when Dave Flemming mentioned it on the post-game wrap.

I loved the 0-17 from A-Gon, Kemp, HanRam and Ethier.

Quote from Tim (ESPN):

"Right now, we just want to win games any way we can," Lincecum said. "It's not about who gets the decision or how it happens. We're just pulling that string to win."

M.C. O'Connor said...

I was impressed by how much confidence Ol' Boch showed in Timmeh, leaving him in for the 7th. Sometimes a player needs that sort of thing. Giants are lucky to have him running the club. I was a big Bud Black fan, and think he would have been a good manager for the Giants, but it's clear SD made a mistake letting go of Bochy. He sure made all the right moves last night and the players delivered.

Brother Bob said...

You better love the small-ball with this club because that's all you're going to get. We have the fewest homers of any team in MLB.