Saturday, September 8, 2012

It Slipped Away Today

If you had told me, before the game, that Matt Cain would pitch into the 8th inning and allow only two runs, I'd have said "Giants kicked ass, eh?" or some other dim witticism. Alas, Matty threw a ball away from Buster Posey to allow the tying run to score from third and the Dodgers were resuscitated. Santiago Casilla held the score, but Jeremy Affeldt gave it up in the 9th, and the visiting squad pulled off the comeback. The Giants were feeble against Chris Capuano. Here's Pablo Sandoval's day: 1-4 on four pitches and making four outs (one was a DP). Sometimes this team looks like it wants to get its ABs over as soon as possible. LA is fighting for its life, and they scrabbled back with a couple of big hits to even the series. Giants will have a tough task against Clayton Kershaw in the finale, and will need some quality innings out of Barry Zito. I really really really wanted to see LA get whacked on the head and gutted on national TV. If I had to listen to Tim McCarver, I wanted him to have to talk about how awesome the Giants were. He did that, conceding them the West at the top of the telecast. Thanks, Tim, you jinxed the Giants with your blandishments. Stick to babbling about non-baseball things.

Other than the one critical lapse, Cain pitched a good game, and the team had a chance to win. That blunts the pain a bit. I've tried to hold my greed in check since last night's terrific win. I must say I wanted the kill, and still want it. Something tells me things aren't going to be easy for our boys in the next few weeks. Their foes still have fight in them. So I'll just hope for another well-played game tomorrow, and a chance to win. I like the odds the rest of the way.




nomisnala said...

We were watching the game at Capone's in Hollywood Florida, the only TV with the giants game on. All the other TV's had football games on. When he had Cain come out to start the 8th, many of us thought, take the good 7, and start the 8th with a reliever. If you can close this game out, you really put the Dodgers in a hole. But he went with Cain, and then had to go with relief anyway, as Cain and Posey let in the tying run. But in the top of the ninth when he started with Affeldt, my whole table full of Giants' fans were upset that he went with Affeldt. As soon as Affeldt started his release slot looked further back of his good slot. When he is pitching good, his release point is somewhat forward. Affledt did not do his job. Luckily they only scored one run as Posey gunned down two would be stolen bases. Giants hit the ball hard in the bottom of the ninth, but could not get Blanco home from second. The first called strike on Sanchez had to be at least 6 inches outside. Similar to the pitch he lined out on a bullet to third to end the game. The odds of beating Kershaw when Zito is our starting pitcher tomorrow, are not too good. Of interest, Bochy had done a good job of managing, and his skills have probably gained us a few wins in the last 20 games, but today, I think the loss is as much on Bochy as it is on Affeldt.

Brother Bob said...

Kudos to Posey for throwing out three on steal attempts. I don't know if he'll be MVP but for him to be in consideration is a beautiful thing.

Zo said...

Affeldt was gifted with an out because Posey threw out Ramirez, trying to steal third. Affeldt gave up a triple, a double and a walk. He has been up and down lately, in this case it hurt. The Chron, of course, is all a-flutter over how the doggers won this game, and served notice, and blah, blah. The Giants will walk away from this weekend either 3.5 or 5.5 up.