Sunday, September 30, 2012

Questionable Tim

Start # 33    ND   (10-15)        6 innings (92 pitches)  4 hits  4 runs  2 walks   4 strikeouts

The Giants racked up win #93 with a stirring come-from-behind victory, 7-5, over the San Diego Pudres.  Big ninth inning home runs by Xavier Nady and Hunter Pence ( off the previously untouchable Huston Street ) served notice that our bats can do some major damage in the post season.  However, fallen ace, Tim Lincecum, did little to ease doubts or answer the BIG question.

Timmy's numbers in his last regular season ( and possibly last start of 2012 period ) don't seem so bad. The four hits allowed looks good ... except three of them were home runs!  Two walks isn't terrible ... except they led to 2 runs and many stolen bases!  The worst part of tonight's start was that after we got him a lead, he gave it right up. Then, after we tied it, he gave up more runs. This did not seem like a guy ready for a HUGE post season start.

Good thing I don't have to be the one to pick which starter gets passed over... I'm really not sure...


M.C. O'Connor said...

There doesn't seem to be any advantage for the Giants to throw a lefty in either Cincy or DC. Cain for Game 1 at home, MadBum for Game 2. I figure Tim for Game 3 and Zito for Game 4, mostly based on days of rest. Vogie is scheduled for Game 162 so he's the odd man/long relief/panic start guy.

The team is 20-11 when Zito starts even though he really hasn't pitched better this year than any other. The team is 19-11 when Vogie starts. The team is 13-19 when Tim starts.

Ron said...

Dr. Sabeanstein's plan continues to work to perfection. Doesn't it strike anyone else as preposterous that the worst Pitcher in MLB would confirm to the media after the game that he has been told that he will be in the post-season starting rotation? Tim Lincecum, 2012 regular season distaster; 2012 post-season phenom!

My Sister is getting a new dog. I've told her to consider naming him Gerald Dempsey Posey IV, but she's not too keen on that (she doesn't like 'Gerry' as a nickname). Other Giants'-related names have come up ... well, mostly by me. He's kind of shaggy, so I suggested Timmy. He's got reddish hair, so I suggested a Matt Cain reference.

nomisnala said...

My rotation would be Cain, Bumgarner, and Vogelsong, If I needed a fourth starter I would have both Timmy and Zito ready to go, and pull the starter out as soon as he started screwing up. Timmy has been so bad, that if they are going to not start one of the rotation it needs to be Lincecum, but Bochy will not do that, even if is costs him moving forward in the playoffs. Lets hope our hitters go crazy and outscore whatever the other teams throw at us in the form of runs.

M.C. O'Connor said...

I'm not going to worry. The Giants are a good team. If they get some good starts and play good defense they can win in the playoffs. It will be fun to see them play the best team(s) and see how they match up. Five starters, four spots, it's nice problem to have.