Saturday, September 22, 2012


Ryan Vogelsong had this to say (AP/ESPN) about last night's performance:
"I'm going to sleep for the first time in about a month tonight. I can tell you that," Vogelsong said. "I'd been trying to tweak some stuff here for a while. I finally found something that felt comfortable and easy to repeat. Somehow I got twisted around there along the way. It took me a while to get back into something that felt right."
Timing is everything. I was sure the Giants and Dodgers would finish the season in LA with it all on the line. I kept telling people not to make plans for the first three days of October because they were going to be glued to their TVs. That job application for prognosticator? I've decided not to fill it out. Doesn't suit me and the pay is lousy. C'mon, who knew? I said from the start I liked this team, but I never figured them to run away with it. TEN games up with ELEVEN to play? Raise your hand if you saw that one coming. And speaking of coming on, I like what I see from Gregor Blanco these days. His fielding alone makes him valuable, his speed on the bases is ridiculous, but when he hits he makes you forget that we used to have the NL's leading hitter out in left field. And what kind left field B.S. is going on with His Melkiness and the Gate Keepers of Baseball's Moral Purity? First, we have the growing call for PED-suspended ballplayers to be kept from "awards." I'm shocked, shocked, to find steroids here. Then we have the silly notion that "batting title" is an award. It's not. It's a statistical record. Shit happens. People write it down. Get over it. Now we have a side deal by the player's union, apparently at Cabrera's request, to void the clause that makes him eligible to still win. Weird. Way too weird. I get it with Melky, it's great image re-hab, he wants a job next year. He may be entirely sincere. Who knows? Who cares? He did the crime, now he does the time, then it's done. Why spend all this energy on trying to re-write history? Self-serving nonsense we should all be spared.

Sorry for spewing. It's a great time to be a Giants fan.




Brother Bob said...

While I approve of Melky's offer to not be "eligible" I agree that it's not really an award, it's just a fact. Whatever. But it will be sweet if Posey passes McCutcheon and "wins" the title.
It's nice Vogelsong had a strong start but I still see him as the 5th starter, ie not a starter at all. Who knows? Whatever Bochy decides, I'll be content with that. He's earned my total respect.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Vogie >> Zito.