Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Maddy Sharp Enough

Madison was back on the hill last night, and, much like Matt, was not quite as sharp as he was in his first outing, but that was OK, because he was sharp enough for a victory.  The Rockies were in town, and they have had a pretty good start, although they have not had to play the Cardinals as of yet.  A couple more wins against the Rox would be great!

The Giants took advantage of Jorge De La Rosa before he could get settled in.  Hunter Pence (most of our offense this year so far) homered with Marco and Pablo on base.  That put us up 3-0 and we would add a fourth run in the 8th on Buster Posey's first rbi of the year.  Colorado scored on a 3rd inning solo shot off the bat of Carlos Gonzalez that made it to the water and then chased Madison in the 6th inning with a single, stolen base and run-scoring single.  Our relief was once again stunning, holding the Rox scoreless for 3 1/3 innings,allowing one hit in the process.  We are winning games in our bullpen.

Madison threw 104 pitches, 62 for strikes in 5 2/3 innings.  Compare that with his last line of 101 pitches, 76 strikes in 8 full last time out.  But, the 4-2 result is a win for Maddy and the home team!  Tim, in a less-than-stellar season last year, beat the Rockies three times.


Brother Bob said...

Romo has been near-perfect. The first hit off him so far was a long double, but then 3 solid Ks to close it. I don't know if there's ever been a more charismatic Giant than this guy. He's erupting with joy and positivity.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Crox came in smokin' hot--that was only their second loss. Ugly work by Madison, but winning does not have to be pretty. Giants trashed these guys last season (14-4). I like the way the Giants flexed some muscle early and then got a "little ball" insurance run later. Gotta have all those arrows in the quiver.

Shankbone said...

That 14-4 record, that is something the Gints did very well last year. Beat up on inferior competition. Glad they're doing it again now that the celebration weekend hangover is done with. Damn Cards.