Friday, August 1, 2014


That is all the pitches that it took Ryan Vogelsong to get his first 9 inning complete game of his career.  In 2011, he threw a 6 inning, rain-shortened complete game against the Cubs.

This is about as inspirational a win as the Giants could have hoped for, and if they can be sparked by a gritty performance, this has to qualify.  The game went by quickly - 2:06 because both the Giants and the Mets often closed out their bats in only a few pitches.  However, the Giants threw 5 runs up and the Mets managed 1 on Lucas Duda's solo home run.  Ryan Vogelsong gave up 2 - count 'em - 2 hits in 9 innings, the first in the 6th, and the second, Duda's home run, in the 8th.  Ryan only gave up 1 BB.  Brandon Crawford and Hunter Pence both tripled, in the same inning!  Matt Duffy at second, a call up from AA Richmond, got a hit and an rbi in his first ML game.  Lucas Duda, whose real name is Octavia Devon Duda (you can see why he goes by Lucas) is a Metropolitan favorite and  the leading home run hitter on the Mets.  Should he serve his entire career with the Mets, they might honor him with a special ceremony, O. D, Duda Day. 


Zo said...

At the moment, the smog-suckers are losing to the tough, tough Cubbies.

nomisnala said...

Was a great effort by Vogelsong, he actually got some of his corner pitches called strikes for a change. He received more run support on August 1, than he received in his entire healthy month of July.

JC Parsons said...

It really can't be emphasized enough how HUGE that win was for the team and Vogie. Too easy to say, cool, good job. That was AMAZING. For him to pull that out of his ass at this point (and after the nightmare month his team put him thru) was truly one of the best things so far this crazy year.
Our stunning bullpen got rested which is a very good thing.
BCraw is looking strong again. He is so much better against lefties, go figure. Pablo is SO BAD against lefties it is painful. He should not hit 4th in those cases, maybe 6th, yet he always does. No better choice, I guess, since Morse is nothing special.
Duffy is painfully scrawny. He looks like an old timer, like before nutrition and exercise. Sheesh, kid. Start eating!

Brother Bob said...

That was a swell game. Hooray for Vogelsong. Complete games are rare these days.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Yeah, great win for Vogie and the ballclub. Five runs? Who are these guys?

Shankbone has a nice post about Duffy on his blog. Let's hope the kid keeps it going.