Sunday, August 17, 2014

Scraped By Tim

 Game Summary:
For the first time since early June, the Giants won back-to-back home games by defeating the feckless Phillies, 5-2.  More importantly, we gained another game on the blue goo (3.5 back). Today it was more of the red hot Mike Morse (which I admit surprises me) and the sizzling bullpen (which has been the only consistently great thing about this team).  Somehow that overcame another ugly and graceless Tim Lincecum start.

Tim Facts:
Start #25  Win  (10-8, 4.48)  5 innings  7 hits  2 runs   2 earned runs   4 walks   2 strikeouts  0 hr

It is hard to believe Tim made it to the fifth. His command was worse than usual, and that really is saying a lot, because...well, we are talking about Lincecum here.  Almost half his pitches were balls, he gave up 11 baserunners in 5 innings, and he walked in a run! How in the shit did he win??? Baseball is a weird game.

High and/or Lowlights:
Morse completed an excellent homestand (9-14, 4 xbh, 4 rbi) with three singles and two runs scored. Brandon Crawford drove in two big runs, Panik and Susac got two hits. So , the bottom half carried it today, something that happens very rarely with this team.
Big News: Lincecum and Susac threw out a base stealer! Not a slow guy on a missed hit and run either! Timmeh clearly looked like he was trying to improve on that. About time, huh?
Stars of the game are ONCE AGAIN the bullpen.  They threw nine scoreless innings over the last two games.  I'm pretty sure that I have mentioned bullpen success in this little segment WAY more than any other part of the team.

So we showed that we can beat a bad team...that is something...


Brother Bob said...

Panik dislocated his left pinky sliding into second. He stoically remained as a baserunner but it remains to be seen how he will be able to play or how soon. Just when he was emerging as a viable full-time second baseman. Bummer.

M.C. O'Connor said...

The Giants have some weird force field over 2nd base--no matter who they put out there an injury results. Panik really did seem to be finding himself. Bummer, man.

Morse has earned his pay. He and Hudson were both good pickups.

Zo said...

We should have swept this series. I was so distraught over Friday's debacle that I couldn't even tune in Saturday. I did pay attention to yesterday's game. Tim has averaged less than 6 innings per start, so it is kind of amazing to me that he has 18 decisions, much less 10 wins.

nomisnala said...

You know we will lose a weird one to the last place Cubs. I feel that 1908 vibe, all over again.