Sunday, August 31, 2014

Saaa - weeeeep!

The Giants completed a sweep of the Milwaukee Brewers this weekend who were first in the National League Central Division and are currently tied for first as a result of the Giants efforts.  That gives them 6 wins in a row and, in the past week, they have managed to gain 2 games on front-running LA.

The numbers the Giants put up were impressive.  Madison Bumgarner tied the league leaders with his 16th win.  He threw 96 pitches in 6 innings, gave up 5 hits and 1 run and struck out 7.  He knocked his ERA to less than 3.00.  He got into some trouble in the first, giving up two singles to the first two batters to put runners at first and third.  Then, Ryan Braun hit into a double play, Crawford to Panik to Morse.  Brandon Crawford has played some spectacular defense lately, and I'm thinking I could get used to watching a lot of BCraw to Panik double play pivots.

Behind 1 - 0 after the first, the Giants scored in the second to tie the game, added 3 in the third to take the lead and never looked back.  They also scored in the fifth (2), sixth (1), seventh (7) and eighth (1).  The final was 15 - 5.  For those who keep track of such things, that is a collective 31 - 8 whupping the Giants have laid on the Brewers.

1 home run (Panda).  3 triples (Panda, Pence and Panik).  6 doubles (2 for Pence, 2 for Susac, Blanco and Arias).  16 hits total.  3 rbi for Panda and Susac, 2 rbi for Pence and Panik, and an rbi for Pagan, Morse, Crawford and Arias.  The Giants got 15 runs without Buster Posey in the game.

In the seventh, Madison was relieved by George Kontos.  Kontos went 2/3 of an inning and gave up a home run to Martin Maldonado.  Javier Lopez relieved him for the final out.  Tim Lincecum came in for the final two innings.  It did not go well.  Tim gave up a solo home run to Ryan Braun in the eighth and hit Maldonado with a pitch and gave up an assortment of hits (including a past ball) to allow 2 more runs in the ninth.  So I guess Tim will not be starting in relief in the suspended game in Colorado tomorrow.

It is a good thing that the Giants are scoring well, finally, as they have the make-up game and three more to play in Colorado.  It does not look particularly easy after that.  They go to Detroit from Colorado, currently scrapping for the American League Central Division lead.  Then they play Arizona at home before our last home stand against LA.  Then a road trip to Arizona, San Diego and Los Angeles before our final 4 game series at home against San Diego.  San Diego is one of those kind of teams that worry me.  They are out of the race, as is Arizona, but have been playing well lately (they just took 2 of 3 from LA after taking 2 of 3 from Milwaukee).  It is the time of year when you get a bunch of young players who tend to swing for the fences to try to impress someone.

The Giants' starting pitching is going great.  Well, maybe not Tim, but there's still hope and Yusmeiro looks like a good fill in.  Their hitting is going great and just in the nick of time.  Their relief looks a little spotty, but really, they were nails until the last couple of games, so on the whole, still great. 


M.C. O'Connor said...

Serious awesomeness at the yard today. Giants are finally looking like contenders! The extra-base hits are flying everywhere. The starters are pitching like beasts. The fielding, situational hitting, contributions from everyone--it feels good, man. Timmy was pretty ragged, but it was a good spot. He'll work out the kinks, of that I'm sure.

Brother Bob said...

Bear in mind they accomplished all that wonderfulness with Mr. Posey taking a day off. Mr. Susac seems to be adequate as a backup catcher.
We have not been seeing the "real" Giants the last 6 games, any more real than the pathetic Giants of not very long ago. I've long suspected this team believes it can just turn it on when it counts. Maybe they're right. We'll know soon.

JC Parsons said...

Bochy sure did use Tim in the right spot. I thought he might get today's restart but it is good that he didn't, way too close a game! I guess we will call it rusty, although it could just be what he has, nah, rusty. That's fair. After all it is a pretty big adjustment. It will be interesting to see when they use him next, how long do you wait?
I love when the rosters expand! FNG's everywhere! I hope we get a look at Chris Dominquez (sp?). He seems like he's having a breakout year and it is perfect for him to get a quick call up.

M.C. O'Connor said...

.274/.307/.460 for Dominguez at AAA. 21 HR in 131 games. Seems like a Mike Morse type. Morse was a SS/3B when he first went to pro ball right out of HS. Interestingly Morse did not have a breakout ML season until he was 28--Dominguez is 27. Maybe he's starting to put it together. He's had 300+ games at AAA but this is his first shot at the bigs. Speaking of big, he's listed at 6-4 and 235. Dominguez has played 1B, 3B, all three OF positions, and even some SS in 2014!

Zo said...

As I understand it, they do not get to use expanded rosters for the suspended game, although both teams have to make substitutes. Apparently Tyler Colvin and Brandon Hicks were both in the field, David Huff was on the mound, Michael Cuddyer was on base and Troy Tulo was coming to bat. Then they can expand rosters in the half hour or so before the September 1 game. Whacky!

Anonymous said...

interesting to see when they use him next, how long do you wait?

The next blowout.

He's a disaster. They're in a pennant race.

Strip out the emotion, and though it's as painful to say as it is to watch, there's no reason to give Timmy any meaningful innings.

JC Parsons said...

I must agree with Anon above. The fans will have to leave emotion behind and the front office will have to leave economics behind. Right now it must be about giving us the best chance to win and it can be hard to see where Lincecum fits into that. Especially with expanded rosters. I guess we are patient, hope Tim regains a useful form somehow, and then see where we are at. If Petit stays effective, Tim may be shit out of luck.

nomisnala said...

Just get rid of June and we would easily have our division winners.