Saturday, August 16, 2014

Giants Win!

Wins are few and far between these days--only six for the club in all of August--so they are certainly worth celebrating. Mike Morse kept up his hitting barrage with a perfect day that included a triple, two doubles, and a walk. Gregor Blanco chipped in two RBI hits including what proved to be the game-winner in the 8th (after Joe Panik's first-ever triple). The 'pen filled in ably for a mediocre Tim Hudson and delivered four scoreless frames to finish the Phils. The game-tying rally was a cringe-worthy cheapie-fest but we all know that getting runs by any means, no matter how ugly, is the whole point. It has not been a good year for Giants lineups. Take a look:

Yuck. Hit the link if you want to see pitching ranks. The Giants are pretty damn good on the "runs allowed" side of the ledger but they'll need an uptick in their "runs scored" if they want to turn this long stretch of losing baseball around.

Nonetheless today was a gritty come-from-behind effort by the team and that feels good.

Tim Lincecum tomorrow.




M.C. O'Connor said...

James Garner, the actor, was born James Bumgarner. His brother John ("Jack") played pro ball. He was a pitcher in the Pirates organization. A righty, though.

ogc obsessivegiantscompulsive said...

I noticed his birth name too! Made me wonder if there was any connection, I've always loved his acting!

Hopefully Morse is coming out of whatever funk he's been in. He is starting to hit to all fields like he did when he first joined us and was hitting great. Wonder how coaches can let a hitter get that out of sync...

Panik is going to need to get more extra-base hits to stick, but so far so good!

The offense has been scuffling for a long while. and it has started to perk up the past five games, getting over 4 runs per game with today's outburst. Hopefully it will continue.

Plus, the pitching needs to pick up, it has also been scuffling the past month or so. Lincecum and Hudson in particular.

Unfortunately Lincecum has not been as steadily good as he was before having to come in and pitch in relief. Don't know if it was mental or physical, but he hasn't been as dominant since then.

Hudson for some reason has hit a wall too. Age? Mid-season dead arm? Other? Last seven starts have not been as good collectively as before.

Russian River said...

Day game – Giants win! Could they play all of their remaining games during the day?