Saturday, June 11, 2016


5-4 win in 10 at home
Buster Posey played hero this afternoon and belted a single on an 0-1 pitch from Kenley Jansen with one out in the 10th to score Joe Panik and give the Giants a dramatic walk-off win. It was looking bleak for the home squad who endured another shaky Shark start, but this one at least was close, tied 2-2 after five. It took EIGHT more pitchers, including five in the fateful 7th to give up the tying run after the Giants had edged ahead 3-2. Rookie Chris Stratton, last man, gave up what seemed at the time the homer of doom to give LA a 4-3 lead in the 10th. But in the bottom half the Giants strung four hits together (Span, Panik, Belt, Posey) off the Dodgers ├╝ber-closer to score two and get a much-needed win.

Did I say how much the team needed this win? The Giants go to 4-5 for June meaning the needle hasn't dipped to Swoon yet, still hovering between Swoonish and Swoon-like. Plenty of time to turn it around. Man, that's three incredible games in a row! Did you see this comeback coming? I sure didn't. What a great, cathartic win for the club and equally for the fans. I think we needed this one, eh lads?

Let's see if they can make it two out of three tomorrow. It's at 5:30 Pacific and we'll get to see their teen phenom, Julio Urias. Jake Peavy goes for the good guys.




JC Parsons said...

Bochy called it the biggest win of the year and who am I to argue? Four hits in the tenth! Isn't that more than in the other nine innings combined? I must admit that the FIVE pitcher changes in the seventh inning drove me crazy. For one inning of all the match ups you want you give up all flexibility for the rest of the game. Seems rather desperate, all for the benefit of small righty-lefty splits, some of which don't even exist. Especially crazy when your loogy seems to walk his ONE guy half the time ( doesn't Lopez have 3 years worth of walks already this year? ). I guess Bochy is the master of this shit and I'm crazy to criticize. It just feels like no one has a role and he is winging it each day, not Bochy's fault obviously, but it seems like a new era of Giants pitching.

JC Parsons said...

Now about Buster: The world makes sense when your superstar franchise player does that. The extra thrill that Buster did it was palpable at the end. It was a win and a signal of more to come. It was death to swoonyness. It was the very best kind of big win and we NEEDED it.

However, I must point out that Buster is still driving me a bit crazy. (Jeez, I'm griping about Bochy and Posey, what is wrong with me this morning?). I can not remember Buster having so many HORRIBLE at bats. He did it last night too, not at the end of course. Twice, I think. One was a 3 pitch K ( last pitch was way in dirt ) and another was a tapper that he didn't even run out. I'm used to Pence having this kind of AB and I know it doesn't matter but it freaks me out. Every game there seems to be another example. Any one else notice? On the opposite hand, Belt hardly every has that type of AB this year. He must lead the world in 3 ball counts and having more walks than strikeouts is truly cool. I hope he NEVER leaves the #3 spot, should have been there all along.

M.C. O'Connor said...

I really think it is a matter of unsettled roles and that's due to the up-and-down performances. With Affeldt retired and Romo hurt that's some big changes. Kontos went down early, that was a blow. Boch doesn't really know who's who and it's taking some time. Three walks by three different relievers, for example. Ridiculous. Guy gets put in he's supposed to throw strikes! But I'm not upset, it is what it is. I have faith in Boch and I think the talent (Law, Osich, Strickland, Gearrin) is there. I would not be surprised if they go out and get another arm. You can never have too many.

Just wait until Buster Posey "regresses to the mean." In his case that means he'll start hitting the snot out of the ball.

What a great win!

Zo said...

These last few games it does seem like Bochy has adopted the Felipe Alou management style. You know, churn through relievers until you find one that can cough up the game. But that is not a stylistic choice, it is a necessity just now. Bottom line, though, no matter what happens today, without our #1 pitcher to face our rivals, with injuries to our left and right fielder, the absolute best case for the doggers is that that pick up all of 1 game in the past 2 weeks.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Yeah, I think the Dodgers feel they are under-performing. Giants had that ridiculous stretch but have otherwise had a hard time staying at .500, neither team is really clicking. But baseball is a grind-it-out affair, and I expect both teams will heat up again at some point and look like contenders. Nice to have a cushion early in the year but we all know how quickly 3-5 games can evaporate. Long way to go, man. I just want to get the band back together--too many injuries! At least Matty is coming back Monday.