Friday, June 3, 2016

Vlog #14 "Grinder Johnny"

5-1 win in StL 

Just when you were getting bored with another Johnny Cueto victory, he figured out a NEW WAY to win.  Which means I actually had to make a new vlog....I considered the idea of just submitting a rerun to see if anyone would notice,  check it out below:

Vlog 14 "Grinder Johnny"


JC Parsons said...

I'm pretty sure I mis-spoke. Our current winning streak is 18-4, not the 24-4 that slipped out. Give us a week.

The schedule gives us a nice break in terms of Cueto. He gets two extra days before pitching again. That has to help with any back problems. He sure did look uncomfortable at times. Boy, he has no shortage of expressions going on! Slapping his thigh, yelling at himself, ripping that pesky cap off at the first possible moment. I can barely take my eyes off the guy. All that and a 9-1 record and an ERA OF 2.19!

Hey Zo! Were you there? What's the report? Photos?

JC Parsons said...

It felt a bit like a playoff game last night. Maybe that's just me, but I always feel like the Cards will be in the mix. Might be tough in a division with Chicago and Pittsburgh. And a league that will have a good couple wild cards. But I still would not count them out. I think I realize why I love/hate them so much; the Cards are a lot like the Giants. The two most successful NL franchises with the best fans. Great young teams that are super well constructed. Rosters filled with quiet, dignified AllStar-ish types that can be easily over looked but usually end up playing with an unexpected synergy. They are good. Maybe not good enough though. I would be happy to face the Cards in the playoffs for the rest of this glorious decade. Sound good?

M.C. O'Connor said...

So is that Timmy Resurrected back there? Soon to be an Angel? I understand he will likely start in Anaheim on the 12th.

Apparently he had a cromulent outing in Tacoma for the SLC Bees.

But back to the Giants, those off-days ought to help, as you say, before JohnnyC's next start, which is home against the Dodgers.

RIP Muhammad Ali.

Zo said...

Special report coming up!

Parker did not look good at the plate, but the catch he made at the wall was monumental. It did not seem like a playoff game to me, probably because the crowd was laid back. But Bochy was intent on winning, the way he shuffled his relief staff. It seems 2 would have held up, but getting the game to where it is not even a save situation is always a good idea.