Sunday, June 19, 2016

Make that Eight

5-1 win in Tampa Bay
And an 11-5 record for the month! Jake Peavy and the Giants looked like clowns in the opening frames then seemed to find their groove and that kept things close and eventually they prevailed with a four-run rally in the 8th inning. That's eight straight wins for the second time this season! Here's a tidbit from Baggs:
It is the best 35-game stretch in the franchise’s San Francisco era.
(Emphasis mine.) Wow. Who knew? That's crazy! 27-8 is a .771 win percentage. I thought there would have been an .800 streak (28 wins) in there at some point, even over 35 games, but apparently not. Regardless, that's a hell of a thing. Way to go, Giants!

Madison Bumgarner takes on the slumping Pirates tomorrow at PNC Park, 4:10 Pacific.




Jon Parsons said...

I had no idea that we were winning at such an historic rate. I mean we have had some GOOD teams in the last 20 years. I suppose the true key to how good the team is probably has more to do with losing streaks. This year's model has a long way to go but it looks capable and deep. The rest of the league hasn't noticed yet, too much cub mania, but they will. Especially if we keep this nice lead into the ASB break.
We just swept a hot team that had their best against our bottom. Now we send up our aces against a cold team without their best. Yikes.

Zo said...

The Giants now have the second best record in the National League, following the Cubs. As noted earlier, the Cubs' record is primarily due to their very hot start, but they have been playing closer to .600 ball since then.

Ron said...

As great as we've been playing, LA seems to keep coming up w/ improbable ways to win games that they deserve to lose - that's keeping them too close for comfort. They're home to the Nationals next, so I hope that Washington can win a few of those games.

Someone noticed us - today's ESPN Power Rankings headline is 'Giants closing in on Cubs?'

M.C. O'Connor said...

Yeah I see that the Dodgers have picked themselves up a bit. I do believe they are under-performing and that they will have their own hot streak(s).

I think the Giants have a 'don't-get-too-high-when-winning' and 'don't-get-too-low-when-losing' vibe. They are Masters of The Grind. I like to try to emulate that philosophy as a fan. It's going great now and that's fun, but there have been and will be the troughs, the low spots, the slumps. They've avoided, so far, the dreaded June Swoon. But the July Fry, the August Bust, and the September I Don't Wanna Remember are still lurking. This game will always take you down a peg if you don't stay humble.

GO GIANTS! Keep on keepin' on, man.

JC Parsons said...

Kershaw has to face Strasburg (10-0) today. Maybe Clayton will think it is a playoff game and proceed to get hammered. Heehee.

What is up with Denard lately? He was about the hardest guy to strikeout in the league, then he K's eight times in three games! Boy howdy does he need a day off!

How often do you win when you commit three errors and give up four home runs? That ballpark was a nightmare. Lots of cheap homers, lightning fast turf, and every pop up is a production number. So glad we are done with that place. Pittsburgh is way better and quite lovely to look at.

Ron said...

Maybe Denard was so sickened by Tropicana Field that he couldn't see the ball well.

Ron said...

By the way, what does some sickly pale shade of blue have to do with Prostate Cancer & Fathers' Day? As a Giants' Fan & a Father, I resent that the Giants (& everyone else in MLB) were forced to play wearing uniforms marginally resembling Dodger uniforms. It ought not be allowed. They need to come up with something different for next year. Blccch.

JC Parsons said...

Hear, hear. I completely agree. The light blue made me queasy. It is all so obviously a way to sell more merchandise, three different uniforms in three days! They even made an imaginary retro uniform for the Rays! You can't have retro days if you don't have any retro!!