Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Giants Batter Brewers

11-5 win at home
Denard Span opened the scoring with a booming homer that hit the water and he laid down a perfect bunt single in his next at bat that went perhaps fifty feet. It was a nice display of versatility by the veteran lefty leadoff man. The Giants went on to score a bunch and that was good as Matt Cain struggled in his return from the DL. The big righty had trouble throwing strikes (he walked in two runs) but otherwise looked healthy and moved around well. The hammy is fine it seems, now it's time to conquer the mechanical issues and find that old pitching rhythm. All the Giants starters had at least one hit and either an RBI or run scored except Jarrett Parker who walked twice. The youngster had some scary moments in left field but hung in there and made some plays as well. He's really slumping (.189/.283/.396) lately, but a platoon role is tough, perhaps with time he'll find his stroke.

Angel Pagan should be back this week. Maybe that will dispel the rumors of the Giants going after Ryan Braun. He has supposedly been linked to all the teams the Brewers have played lately! I don't see the Giants making a big move for a marquee player unless they really slump and the race tightens. With LA losing last night it's now a six-game lead. Infielder Ruben Tejada, Chase Utley's slide victim in last year's post-season, just signed a minor-league deal with the team.

MadBum gets the ball tonight as Giants go for their 40th win.




M.C. O'Connor said...

Forgot to mention that dandy play by BCraw to nail a runner at third in the 6th. Hope you got to see it, if not:


He delivers surprised every night, what a wonderful player to watch!

M.C. O'Connor said...

That's "surprises."

Ron said...

Tim Lincecum to make Angels' debut on Saturday in Oakland - seems surreal. A symptom of this is that a crowd in Oakland will be rooting heavily for the yucky Angels. Will probably be the A's largest crowd of the Season.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Too weird, man. Timmy in a Angels uni pitching in front of Giants fans in Oakland! I guess his last AAA start was dominant. If I was still living in the Bay I'd go for sure. I'm surprised Parsons isn't making the trip.

Zo said...

You can root for Tim and root against the Angels. How about Tim going 8 scoreless and the A's winning in the 9th?

Actually, I'd like to see Tim do well enough this season so that he is an attractive target for the Giants but not so well that he is attractive to the doggers or yankees. Then sign with the Giants and have an awesome 2017.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Matty goes back on the DL. That sucks.

campanari said...

It does. If there's anything hopeful here, it's that his wildness against Milwaukee was in all probability the result of his being (re)injured, and not of some new or renewed problem with his mechanics, reverting back to his bad starts the first few times this season.

Milwaukee pitchers have now in successive games thrown pitches that struck our two most productive hitters, Posey on Monday, Belt on Tuesday, solidly enough to force them to leave their respective games. I wonder, if the Giants have a comfortable lead tomorrow, so that putting a Brewer on first isn't dumb, whether Braun or Lucroy will be treated to a fastball in the thigh, so as to warn young Nelson, who is pitching for Milwaukee tomorrow, that he and the relievers who replace him need to be meticulously careful not to let this kind of thing happen again.