Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Giants get clobbered again

13-11 loss at home
No do-overs in this game, I suppose. Giants bullpen fell apart completely last night and the A's scored eight runs in the last two innings to grab another win. Those are the first back-to-back losses for San Francisco since they lost three straight June 4-7. In between they were 14-3, so I can't get too upset. The team will have its ups and downs. Speaking of downs, it seems Joe Panik may have a concussion from the beaning he took in Tampa Bay ten days ago and will likely go on the DL.

Giants have eight more games left on this twenty-game stretch without a break. Their first off-day is Thursday, July 7th. Then it's three more and the All-Star Break. Bit of a grind for the lads, I imagine. Let's see if they can make a good run of it.

Jake Peavy in Oakland tonight. GO GIANTS!



Zo said...

Boo. Bad pitching, bad fielding. No donuts for you.

JC Parsons said...

Boo. Bad, bad pitching. No macaroons!

The walks were especially galling. Something like 6 in the last three innings! The entire time this disaster of pitching was playing out I kept hearing Krukow reminding everyone about the "open base" and there is a "place to put him." AAAAAAGGGHHHH! And every time there was a 2-2 count it was a chance to avoid throwing a strike. AAAAAAGGGGHHHHH! I'm not trying to blame Kruk of course. It was just so impressive for him to cling to his jargon even though it was a key part of the entire horror show. Oh well, the game is over but the Kruk crap never seems to end. One more "squat" and I may puke. Ok, I feel better now.

M.C. O'Connor said...

I feel ya, bro. The constant "open base" refrain is absurd. Why not try to get guys out? Isn't that the point? Agreed about 2-2 counts as well (Lindsey Nelson's famous "pitch of decision"). Throwing strikes does not mean grooving fat ones. But throwing strikes is the key, right? But those are a small things. The big thing is getting used to inconsistency in the 'pen. The Giants have relied on a great bullpen for a long time now. It's hard to get used to this! But I have faith that they will stabilize and be back to ass-kicking soon. Hope Romo gets back soon.

Zo said...

Just to point out that the Giants have now given up 28 runs in 3 games to one of the WORST teams in the American League West. I was surprised to see that the Angels were worse this morning. But still, we have some guys hurt and are using minor leaguers, but Oakland's whole team is like that. And that is after 3 tense 1-run games against the WORST team in the National League East. There is bad, bad baseball being played.

carmot said...

Oh, bummer. I'm pretty upset with Matt Moore. Two offseasons ago, he was my #1 target. Joe Panik is my fave current Giant, and now he's on the DL. 'Cuz of dangblasted Matt Moore. So, Moore is now my #1 target, for, umm, different reasons.

Oh, and Jake Peavy. Yeah. Really? A's. Huh. C'mon Bum, go get after it in Oakland. I'm hoping and expecting Cueto is ready for Chase indoor shopping mall or whatever that park is called.