Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Giants Blow Lead Again

5-3 loss in SF
A fine effort by Emergency Man™ Albert Suárez was wasted and the Giants lost their third straight game in which they held the lead. I think he gets the 2016 Yusmeiro Petit Award. Premature, I know, but I'm felling it. It's a bit worrisome, this bullpen thing, and equally bad is this lack of the killer blow, the coup de grâce as it were. The Giants had, three times now, their opponent down and ready to be finished off, and each time they surrendered their lead and lost the game. Yes, the Sox are a good team. But this was one that got away. Nice to see Jarrett Parker get another homer as well as a clutch hit off Craig Kimbrel to try to start a rally in the 10th. Giants are in a bit of a funk and need to kick some ass.

Madison Bumgarner goes tomorrow night. That ought to help.




Ron said...

All things considered, Lincecum had a second pretty decent start in rehab. He'll have one more, &, if all goes well, will then go up to the majors. He could end up being the bargain of the Season.

Meanwhile, our Bullpen is imploding. And, whatever happened to the impending Romo call-up? We need help ... quickly.

Zo said...

I think the bigger fault, at least last night, was the lack of ability to score runs. Bases loaded, no outs, and GIDP. That scored a run, but left the ability to score the man at third with a fly ball or a ground ball out of the question. It seems unfair to hang a BS on Lopez. He got Big Papi to do exactly what he wanted, hit the ball on the ground to an infielder, it was just a little too slow to go home. It would have been nice if Casilla would have been perfect, but the pitch Bogaerts took for a ball was unbelievably close. Our pitching didn't look that bad to me. I realize that they have lost leads late in 3 games, but last night wasn't the worst example. Peavy lost Sunday's game on his own (in which we could only score 3 runs), and Smarji gave up 6 Saturday. Suarez looked pretty good. I just hope Bumgarner isn't in a must-shut-out situation.

Zo said...

More on Tim.

JC Parsons said...

Wow, I just saw tonight's lineup. The weakest I've seen in a while. Heavy sigh. I suppose Tomlinson, Williamson, and Brown can't really do much worse than Panik, Blanco and Posey. MadBum is just going to have to hit a couple dingers.

I agree that our pitching hasn't been totally to blame. Some bad breaks and a lot of crappy defense (like every throw Trevor made basically cost us a run.). I was shocked that BCraw blew the tag last night; he basically dogged it with a bare handed swipe and a very athletic guy beat him. A huge play. We have been making quite a few crucial errors lately.

The next two games are HUGE. If we lose both, we are looking into the teeth of a real life June swoon. Our Aces must deliver.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Not quite ready to go a-swooning, just a bad stretch, happens to all teams, they'll turn it around.

nomisnala said...

If Crawford tags young, we win the game in 9. Surprised there was no argument about baseline avoidance.

M.C. O'Connor said...


campanari said...

Yes, I don't think the shadow of Armageddon is lengthening upon us if we play even up for two games with what may be the best team in the other league, while we are minus Posey, Pence, Pagan, and the guy who would have been the starting pitcher in the extra-inning game we lost. There's a sloppiness, I agree, that we'd better purge; and no doubt we'd improve a lot with a bit more steadiness in the 'pen (the return of Romo?) and a genuinely useful replacement for Pence. Those problems are pretty remediable, though.