Saturday, June 18, 2016

Seven in a row

6-4 win at the Trop'
Joe Panik smashed a two-out three-run homer in the 9th to break a 3-3 tie and the Giants prevailed in Tampa Bay. The Rays hit four solo shots--including one in the 9th--but the Giants, undaunted, kept chipping away and finally got the big blow. Matt Duffy had his own solo shot to start the Giants scoring and they added a single run in the 5th and another in the 8th to tie it and that set the stage for Panik's blast. The Rays clubbed the ball off Hunter Strickland in the bottom of the 8th but could not plate a run, echoing a similar frustration by the Giants who were 3-14 with runners in scoring position and seemed unable to get a game-breaking hit. Albert Suarez had a tough time and did not get out of the 4th, but five Giants relievers got it done. The team is now 10-5 for the month of June.

Of note to Giants fans, Tim Lincecum pitched effectively over in Oakland and helped the Angels win in his return to the majors. He looks weird in red.

Jake Peavy gets his turn in the getaway game tomorrow, 10:10 Pacific.




Zo said...

7 straight is kind of amazing. You hold your breath at the bottom two slots in the rotation (not to mention Smarji until yesterday), and then when you get wins out of them, you have the real possibility of a streak. Keep it going!

Brother Bob said...

Damn the Giants are good. Smarja's a genuine stud. He wuz robbed just before that homer. He totally struck that guy out.
Today's the day we fly far away. Who knew, the internet exists in Central Europe, so I'll attempt to be in touch.

Jon Parsons said...

Have a blast dude!! Be sure to take good care of my sister too👍🏼 Take some pics ok?
I'm a bit shocked that we are dealing with another big win streak. I thought when we lost Pence and Cain that we were in for some rough times, not a win spurt. Sure we have two of the best starters but not much else. Just a TEAM of good players that combine into a unit that the best management TEAM puts into impressive consistency. We have a new hero each day during these win streaks (Congrats Joe). It is getting harder each day to deny that we are a TEAM made to win. Win it all.

Go Giants! Number 8 this morning! Go Peav!

M.C. O'Connor said...

Yeah I'm amazed that with the injuries and some guys playing below expectations that the team is doing so well. I was hoping for a hang-in-there keep it above .500 thing, avoid the big losing streaks, grind it out, you know. But then they go and win seven in a row! They are still "grinding it out" of course, rarely does this team get an "easy" win. But wins they are and that's what matters. They are now tied with the Nats for 2nd-best record in the league and 3rd-best overall.

JC Parsons said...

We truly are good grinders. Yesterday was a good example. We had so many chances that we choked off that I was getting pissed and cranky; sure that we had blown it against a tough, hot pitcher. But the boys never gave up, kept the pressure on, finally got a couple big hits at the end. Grind, grind, grind. Both Span and Panik had been dead cold for a while. But they ground out key AB's at the end. The Rays seem like the opposite type team, playing for the three run homer in between strikeouts. It is awesome that they hit FOUR homers and lost, that doesn't happen too often. I guess their lineup suits their ballpark, which is quite disgusting, isn't it? Ballpark, not lineup.