Thursday, September 29, 2016

Cueto Cruises to Eighteenth Win

7-2 win vs. COL   

He started a bit shaky ( 3 of the first 5 hitters got extra base hits ) but then Johnny Cueto (18-5) settled down and gave the Giants pretty much what he has been doing since day one:  quality pitching that gives us a chance to win.  And, boy howdy did we need this win.  The Cards won with a walk off and NY had the day off, so we are still one up on the Cards and now one down to the Mets.

Seven runs sure is swell.  I guess I give the offense player award to Connor Gillaspie but Span, Posey, Pence, Pagan and Crawford all reached base twice so it really was a team effort.  Of course, tomorrow we may look blind....heavy sigh.

An interesting note on the game: Cueto got 11 strikeouts which means that we had three starters in a row get 10 or more K's for the first time since Halicki, Montefusco and (I missed who).  Hey look, a trivia question!!  Who was it and what year?

Three to go!!  Do you like our chances??


Ron said...

Pete Falcone? 1975?

M.C. O'Connor said...

I was going to say Falcone, too. And it was 1975.

Nice win. Big win. Some goofy rallies--groundouts, bloops, bunts, errors, walks--but that's Giants baseball.

Yes, I like their chances. Win 2 of 3 and I bet that will get the last spot. Cards would have to sweep, even then they would only tie.

M.C. O'Connor said...

"There is no question the Giants have the starting pitching to compete with anyone. Matt Moore, Jeff Samardzija and Cueto each struck out 11 while the Giants took two of three from the Rockies – the first time San Francisco pitchers logged double-digit strikeouts in three consecutive games since 1975, when Ed Halicki (10) no-hit the Mets and Peter Falcone (12) and John Montefusco (14) followed with strong efforts against the Montreal Expos."

That's from Baggs.

carmot said...

Sweet win. Hope is still alive! Now, this isn't specific to last night's game, but...

Is there any chance- any way- we could get Mark DeRosa out of the MLB Network broadcasting office and down onto the field as our future 3B coach? I think he'd be amazing. I think Roberto Kelly is very much less-than-amazing.