Sunday, September 18, 2016

Score Two, Lose Two

Giants scored two runs on Saturday and zero runs today. That's not the winning formula. Both days the Cardinals scored three runs. That's it, just three runs. But it was enough. Giants lose two games by a combined score of 6-2. I don't understand this team. They are five back with three to play in LA starting tomorrow night. With a lucky 13 games left in the season it seems they have to at the very least win two of three and pick up a game on the leaders. A sweep would be better, but that's a tall order. Giants are a game back of the Mets in the wild card and a game ahead of the Cards. I don't understand this team.

Bumgarner v. Kershaw on tap next. GO GIANTS!



Russian River said...

It's quite simple my good Watson!

It's a simple case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Some days Dr. Jekyll shows up and gets very angry at the little baseball being propelled towards his general vicinity. He swats at it and it flies all around the park as opposing players retrieve it and throw it back to their mates. Dr Jekyll and his mates happily run around in circles high fiveing, low fiveing, slapping their mates posteriors and generally having fun.

Then on the days that My Hyde shows up, he and his mates looks tired, deplete of any signs of energy, vim or vigor. He goes through the motions of swatting at the ball being hurled in his general direction while thinking about how quickly golf season is approaching and how much he is looking forward to torturing poor unsuspecting insects, rodents or disillusioned football fans.

My dear Watson.......I'm afraid the end is in sight and if My Hyde shows himself the next few nights in LA-LA land, the end will be here sooner than later. Must go........Scotland Yard calls!

M.C. O'Connor said...