Saturday, September 24, 2016

Giants Blow It, Win Anyway

SF 9 SD 6 (10)
Madison Bumgarner got rocked for three homers this evening in Petco Park, one in the 4th, one in the 5th, and one in the 6th after the Giants had taken a 6-0 lead. He turned it over to the bullpen leading 6-5, it wasn't too hard to imagine they would find a way to give up the lead and sure enough the Padres tied it 6-6 in the 7th. It went to extras and somehow (Kelby Tomlinson and Angel Pagan) the Giants managed to have a big three-run rally (two-run homer by Denard Span) and they held on (Sergio Romo) to close it out in the 10th. Dodgers win tonight as well and reduce their magic number to one to clinch the West. Cardinals win and Mets lose so St. Louis (81-73) is a half-game back, the Mets (82-73) are tied with the Giants in the wild card race. At least we know that the Giants will finish over .500 for the season!

Seven games left. Giants play a day game tomorrow (1:40 Pacific, looks like Ty Blach) and are off Monday, then have six at home (three with Colorado and three with LA) and finish the regular season on Sunday, October 2nd.



p.s. I like Brandon Belt hitting second.


carmot said...

This game was terrifyingly, sickeningly, similar to some others- but then it was awesomely different!

I really liked those hustle & awareness plays. Bum getting doubles, Nunez helping Buster on that pop-up, the guts of Kelby to be in there at 2B. Play the right way (even when Roberto keeps making bad decisions). Lots contributed to this win.

Get greedy. Time to shine. Even game matters from here on out.

campanari said...

Batting second makes good sense for Belt, given that he bats LH to hit behind runners, that he has a high OBP with more walks than anyone post-Bonds, and that he sees more pitches per plate appearance than anyone else on the team. For someone batting .225 over his last 250 PAs, these special contributions loom pretty large. Even if he remains stuck in his multi-month slump, a hero to no one but a knot of McCovey-Chronicles groupies and loyal zoo-keepers for large African ungulate mammals, he'll be at his most useful for his team if he gets on base and lets hitters lower in the order see more of the opposing pitcher's arsenal.

carmot said...

OMG, José Fernández. So sad. What unbelievable talent lost from our beisbol world. Wow. He always amazed and impressed me. So sad.

M.C. O'Connor said...

I just saw that about Fernandez. He was only 24!

obsessivegiantscompulsive said...

Very sad about Jose! But that's the dangers of boating at 3AM in the morning. He was on his way to being a Hall of Famer....